Por Moi?

My neice is finally old enough to appreciate hand knit socks and to take care of them herself. But the trick is that her foot is still growing. So I will make her socks to fit my foot since and her mother’s foot this why one of us will be able to wear it. (My SIL’s foot is just a little bigger than mine.) I am making socks for Christmas presents this year. So I went ahead and ordered some Cider Moon Glacier in Titania for her and some Icicle in Winter Wheat with splotches of red which is an accidental color. The Winter Wheat was just because I have nothing like it in my stash color wise.

The yarn came in the mail Saturday. And my niece came by to see me and saw the yarn. She knew that I was ordering sock yarn for her. (She dictated the colors – purples!) And she saw her yarn. She immediately started to fondle it and wanted to know if she could take it home until I was ready to start her socks. (No, she did not get to take it home! I know better because I will never see it again.) But her first words on seeing both yarns was “Por moi?” Yes, she wanted both skeins of yarn. I really need to get her interested in learning to knit again. I think I know the perfect bribe to getting her interested in knitting again – access to my stash. I will have to mention this to her. She is 10 so she is way past the age I was when I learned to knit. I think access to my stash and the opportunity to spend money on books may prove the trick. And the money would be my money not hers.



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  1. You’re too nice! It’s great that you want to help your niece knit but my yarn is my yarn! I’m not nice enough to share.

  2. That sounds like a great idea…. I would have loved that offer as a kid. Luckily at that age though my aunt owned a knitting store so I got all of her samples from dealers. ahh those were the days. Though no one else in my family knits socks.

  3. I started knitting when I was around… hmmm… 8 or 10? I started with a sweater for my poodle. Lime green and I know that dates me! It seems harder to motivate kids to stick with a craft that isn’t done “right now” than it used to be – perhaps the MTV generation needs instant gratification crafts! Maybe a combination of your stash (lucky kid) and a quick pattern will entice her. She will always thank you for teaching her.

  4. globetrotteri

    My Mom just sent me some knitted goodies from back home. What’s the best way to care for hand-knit socks and sweaters?