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Yarn Addict?

Okay, there is knitting to show. This is not all of the socks that I am working on. There are two more on the needles as well, I just didn’t want to pull them out. One is my sock for Bloomin’ Feet. The other one is one that I am frogging back to fi a mistake. The yarn is giving me fits. Sorry, Georgia, I love your yarns but the merino/tencel blend and I are having issues. But I love the color!!!

The yarns in the socks are from Dani at Sunshine Yarns color Rockstar (pinks & black – stash yarn), another stash yarn (the green), Sweet Georgia in Still Water (browns and blues – from The Loopy Ewe, and Interlacements Tiny Toes in Irish Heather (purples, blues, greens – from The Loopy Ewe.)

And yesterday, Connie from Pick Up Sticks wanted to know if we thought we were a knitter or an addict or a collector. I still think that I fall into the addict category. Okay, maybe barely but I do knit up socks fairly fast most of the time. And I never add more that I have on the needles. I try to keep my stash at an equilibrium. Although if you were to look at the yarn PrOn today you might disagree. But 3 of the skeins were gifts so they really do not count, do they?

The yarns are in no particular order – some Sweet Georgia (2 skeins), Seacoast Handpainted, J.Knits. Opal, and a Swedish yarn that I received in a swap. (I was a bad blogger and forgot to write down the exact name. I am learned from my heroes – Ms Lime and Ms Violet.)

I have a massage scheduled for this afternoon and I am focused on that right now. My shoulder is pretty much healed back up and this should take care of the last little bits of tightness. If nothing else, I will be very relaxed afterwards. And the nice thing is the the holistic heath center is a few doors up from one of my LYSs. And afterwards a trip to Borders will round out the afternoon.


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