I am doing something that is might prove to be really scary – I am actually entering my yarn stash in a data base. I am not even halfway through the basket in the living room and I am at 28 skeins. Each skein has its own entry. And yes, I am using a data base. MS Access to be exact. I like Access and I plan to sort the database several different ways. I will curious to see how many of each brand of sock yarn that I own. If you have your sock yarn in a computer program some where, what program do you use? And what fields are in your data base?

I am also thinking of doing this for my books and patterns. Mostly because I can never remember if I already have the pattern.


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  1. I think I read somewhere that there is a knitting program already for this – inventory and project program – about $20 for the program. Sorry, I can’t remember what it is though.

  2. Emy

    I have this giant Excel spreadsheet. Headers are:

    Color Name
    Color Description
    Dye Lot
    Unit of Measurement – length
    Fiber content
    Machine washable?
    knitting weight
    needle size
    UM – needle size
    Weight (of ball)
    UM – weight
    Extended cost
    Acquisition date
    notes (planned project, sock club, etc)

  3. That is a pretty good idea. I do thing there was at one point a software program that did it by the kitting Wizard people. I don’t see it on there site anymore.

    M actually started to write one for my Clie awhile back but he never finished it, mostly because I stopped using my Clie due to battery issues.

    Though I would be scared to see your sock yarn inventory. Last year I tired to do it when I sorted my yarn bins, but I never kept up with it. I just used excel.

    Yarn name, manufacturer, Suggested gauge, needle size, colour, dye lot, price, and pattern I was going to use it for were my fields

  4. That sounds like a HUGE job. Of course, it does give you an excuse to spend some time with each skein. I just can’t imagine being that organized šŸ™‚

    How is your shoulder doing? did the massage help? I caught some horrible nasty virus and my knitting needles are on hiatus. I don’t feel like knitting and when that happens – well you know you are sick!

    You do realize that with this db you are going to have to keep it updated – that means any purchase, any gift, any project begun and of course, any project ended. I can see this becoming a lifetime project! šŸ˜€

  5. Emy, your spreadsheet sounds amazing! I am in awe!

  6. Hey Stranger!
    I have an overall inventory spreadsheet, and then I have a sock yarn spreadsheet, both in Excel. The sock yarn one seems to get more exercise. So – what are you grabbing the LE tonight?

  7. Emy

    Thanks, Lufah! I built it about 6 months ago when I felt like I desperately needed to know just what the heck I had in my stash. Working in a yarn shop (and lots of experience with Excel and an HR database) taught me that I should track more fields than I might think I need at first, because somehow, something always becomes really important later. You know, after you’ve entered 200 records and realize that hey, that second address line keeps coming up and maybe we should just have a separate field for that.

  8. hehehe… 28 skeins… that’s a nice start šŸ™‚ I have Needletrax that I use… well, if I would input my stuff that is šŸ™‚

    Cheers Eva