A Sock that Reads Poetry?

p3050023.JPGAfter the recent adventures in blogland of misbehaving socks, I should not have been surprised to find my newest finished sock curled up on my bed under a quilt reading poetry. Now my bedroom is always on the cool side in the winter because it faces west and that is the direction of the winds. And it is an old house with old windows. So there are always quilts on my bed. But I honestly never expected to find a sock curled up under a quilt reading. And at least this sock was reading something tasteful. And what was this well behaving sock reading? Why “A Prayer for My Daughter” by William Butler Yeats.. I love Yeats and this is one of my favorite poems. And the wind was howling last night so maybe this is where the sock got the idea for reading this particular poem.p3050025.JPG

The sock is one of my Sweet Georgia yarns done up in the Baby Cable stitch from Sensational Socks. The color way is Still Water. I still have to complete the mate to this sock but it may take a bit. For some reason, this pattern hurts my hands. Plus this time of year, I want bright colors to welcome spring. I am currently binding off one of the Rock Star socks. And yes, its mate will be started right away. One less sock yarn in the stash. I have to clear out out some so that the new stuff will have room.



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3 responses to “A Sock that Reads Poetry?

  1. What a literary sock!

    Though curling up in quilts, in a cool room sounds utterly delightful. Cool bedrooms are the best, who needs lots of stuffy heat. Though cold piggies on cold floors are never pleasant.

  2. That certainly is an appropriate poem for the weather. And a very beautiful one at that. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Your sock looks like it’s much more straightlaced than Wendy’s incorrigible yarn offspring.

    Y’know, I find my fingers hurt if I work on needles smaller than my KP 1’s. Also, the hardtwist yarns are tougher on my skin than looser plied yarns. Go figure. Have fun on your L&V Yarn Pron swap.