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Package Galore

p3070005.JPGWednesday was another day of snow here. Depending on who you listening to or what you read, we were supposed to only get a dusting or several inches. We probably ended up with about 3 inches all total but the temperatures kept warming up and cooling down. The main roads were wet but the side roads were snow covered in spots or wet or some spots of ice. Thankfully, all I need to go to the post office is my two feet and being bundled up. I walked up and while I wasn’t surprised to see a yellow slip indicating a package in my box. But I actually had 5 packages!!!! Yes, count them 5 packages.


I was expecting 2 of the packages. One was a textbook that I had ordered and the place I ordered it from is less than 15 miles up the road. The other package was my order from Cider Moon. I have been patiently waiting for my Socks That Rock package. I know that the wonderful ladies over at Blue Moon Fiber Arts have been dealing with quite a bit. So I can be patient. And yes that was package number 3. Package number four was my Project Spectrum stitch markers that I ordered from Katie over at Pink Stitch Markers. I joined the club so I will be getting stitch markers over the next few months. And yes, I have already used them.

But package number five was special.

I have been taking part in a few swaps over at Swap-Bot. And the last swap package was fantastic!!! Adelle from Windchimes was my upstream partner in All Snowed In. She sent me a fantastic package that included 2 books which will go on the pile to be read. The books she sent me were Ella Minnow Pea by Mark Dunn and Deafening by Frances Itani. She also send me 2 cds and a few more goodies. But the best part of the package was the teddy bear she crocheted for me. And this is not just any teddy bear but a teddy bear dressed up in turn out gear!!!! I apologize for the lousy photo but I will be taking a better one tomorrow. (I will be at the fire house so maybe the bear will be sitting on the engine or the pump panel or something.)


I also received yarn yesterday from Pick Up Sticks thanks to Priscilla. She was trying an experiment to see who received their yarn first – her or I. She placed an order for me right after placing her own order. She lives in the big city and I live in a small town and I still received mine first.

Today was another package day with my order from the Loopy Ewe with yet more sock yarn. Okay, I might have a little bit of a problem with sock yarn. 😉

I will be taking photos of the sock yarn over the weekend. I can’t just tease you about it or can I? Don’t forget to set your clocks ahead Saturday night or you will be late all day Sunday. I have class Sunday morning and I am wondering how many people will remember. This should be interesting to see how many remember in a class full of fire fighters. I know that Starbucks will be open on time since my friend is opening. I can call her at home if it isn’t.


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