Daily Archives: March 13, 2007


I truly love spring but I hate it also. The trees are just starting to pop and that translates into pollen. I have had several allergy tests and my worst offenders are tree pollens and ragweed. I am generally okay provided I remember to take my allergy medications before the season starts. But this year, tree allergies are kicking my rear. It may have something to do with this winter being warmer and spring being way early. So I may not be around over the next few days while I get my body back on track. And that means I start taking my allergy medications. Normally this is the time of year that I start back up on the medications to be ready for tree season. Right now, I am sneezing and tired and stuffed up. I don’t even feel like knitting!!! I am going to go and curl up under the covers with a book and probably sleep since I just took a Beneydral to at least stop the sneezing for a bit.


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