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Actual Knitting

As witnessed by the photo yesterday, I have actually been knitting. One good thing about having a cold/allergy combination is that you get to be a slouch and sit on the couch and knit. So I have been working on my socks. My socks for the Loopy Ewe Quarterly Challenge and my Bloomin’ Feet socks.

And yes, the socks yesterday were trying to escape by climbing up over a huge pile of snow.

I am on the leg of the second sock for the Loopy Ewe Quarterly Challenge. According to Sheri’s brilliant method of thinking, I am a Martha. I prefer to knit my socks in bright colors. You will not find any thing tame in my sock drawer other than white running socks. The yarn for my Martha socks is Sweet Georgia in Still Water. And yes, I am on the leg of the second sock. I am going to get these socks done by the end of the month to enter them in the challenge. And isn’t it funny how the colors also fall neatly into the Project Spectrum colors for this month?

And funny how my yarn for my Bloomin Feet socks came from The Loopy Ewe also. The yarn is from All Things Heather and the color is Tiger Lily. The first time I started these socks, I started them using the Elfine pattern. But I just didn’t like the way the colors pooled. I was going to just go with it until it was discovered that I had split the yarn and this is a lace pattern. So I frogged it. And I also decided to change patterns. The new pattern is the Lupine Lace pattern from Fiber Trends. So far so good. I am finding it strange to be using US1s since I normally knit on 0s. But if I knit the legs on 0s, they will be a little tight. So I am planning on switching on down to 0s after I finish the last leg repeat.

And I just started reading Labyrinth by Kate Mosse. Lately I have been reading several books about the Knights Templar, Carcassonne, the Cathers, and the search for the Holy Grail. So this book kind of fits in. I just finished Steve Berry‘s new book The Alexandria Link which while not about the Knights Templar is still about the Bible. If you want something that will keep you reading (and on the edge of your seat), try picking up The Templar Legacy also by Steve Berry. I have also read the The Last Templar


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