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Buried in Yarn

Over the past few days, I have received a fair amount of yarn in the mail. And that is a good thing. Just so no one gets confused, not all of the yarn is for me. Most of it is for swaps. So it doesn’t really count. Of course, I am still waiting on my order from Blue Moon…. Again, not all of it is mine. At least 3 skeins of it belong to Kitty Kitty. The wonderful ladies at Blue Moon are still dying some of the colors that I ordered. Of course, it is not like I don’t have other sock yarns to knit with right now. Ordering sock yarn for swaps is a great way to temporarily add to your stash but than you get to send it on to another good home.

Lexy, you can look at these yarns but you will not know which ones are going in the box to you until you get it.

What are the yarns in the photo? A little of this and a little of that. Okay, the bunny is from Ruby Sapphire Yarns which I just received today. There is also some Cider Moon in there. There is some Apple Laine and Crash into Ewe as well. The colors are all nice and spring like. And some are rather bright.

And yes, I have been ordering a fair bit from etsy lately. I recently got into an argument with some one at one of my LYS. Her argument was that I was going to put the shop out of business because I tend to buy most of my sock yarns on-line. The owner of the shop understands that I like hand dyed sock yarns and she also acknowledges that a large portion of her customer base is unwilling to spend the little bit extra for hand dyed sock yarns. She also orders hand dyed sock yarns for herself from the internet. I do support both of my local yarn shops by purchasing a fair amount from them. The person who started the argument has since been told to stay out of the store for awhile. She has apparently caused some other problems with other customers. But have you ever had some one say something like that to you in a brick and mortar yarn store? I am curious.


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