A Palette of Many Colors

If you thought I was buried in yarn last week, well you do not want to know what arrived in the mail today. And again, not all of it is mine. A few of them belong to Kitty Kitty. But the rest are mine.

But first up, a new pair of socks. Sheri had challenged everyone to knit a pair of socks that was the opposite of what you normally knit. For me, that meant color. I know that I have shown progress photos of my Still Water socks before. I love the colors in the yarn but I will never wear them. I had at first when I received the yarn thought about giving the socks to a friend who lives locally or my mother for a Christmas present. (She is complaining that I have never knit her a pair of socks.) But that was before Felica announced her break from dying. And after that announcement, there was no way that these socks made out of Sweet Georgia was going to anyone other than me or possibly another knitter. (Only another sock knitter could really appreciate this yarn.)


I finished the first sock in no time. But the second sock was another story. I decided to focus on making sure that I finished the second sock so I could enter the contest and this way the socks were done. The colors in the yarn fell neatly into the Project Spectrum colors for February and March. Plus they would give me a pair of socks finished for Sock A Month KAL that I am taking part in. (I need some sort of motivation at times to finish a pair.)

Well, I finished the second sock on Thursday evening. After finishing the second sock I realized that I would never wear these socks. I mentioned this to someone in an IM conversation on Friday. She did causally mention that she knew someone who had the same size foot as I do and would appreciate them. It didn’t hurt matters either that she did offer to send me some sock yarn to replace them. She was going to see what she had in the way of Sweet Georgia over the weekend. Now that is a true friend!!! Some one willing to give up some of their Sweet Georgia yarn. So you will have to wait for photos of the socks on someone’s feet. I will let her be the first to wear them. Yes, the socks are going to Kitty Kitty.

And now on the the new sock yarns. I am a member of the Rockin’ Sock Club again this year. Maybe this year I will actually knit the socks instead of just fondling the yarn. One advantage of the club is that we are able to order extra skeins of the club yarns before they become available. I feel in love with the first color which was Monsoon. And since I was ordering another skein of this yarn, I decided to make it worth while. And since Kitty Kitty wanted some of the fabulous STR yarns as well, well, let’s just say the order could have been larger.

p3260003.JPGp3260005.JPGp3260007.JPG (Yarn colors – Lovers Leap, Scottish Highlands, Ruby Slippers, Rhodonite, Stormy Weather, Lucy, Little Bunny Foo Foo, and Monsoon.)

I also love the yarns from Cider Moon. Jacki and Gail are fantastic to deal with and have some of the most interesting names and colors in their yarns. I have been taking advantage of their March discount and ordering some just about every week this month. (I think I need to get one more order in before the end of the month.)

p3260001.JPG (yarns – Victoria in Icicle and Juneau in Icicle)

And before anyone says anything about the fact that I am adding more yarns to my stash faster than I am knitting them up, I am trying to finish at least two pairs right now. Plus after the end of May, I will be done with classes so that means more knitting time. I am finally getting comfortable knitting socks top down so that will make things easier. And I have some new patterns on their way. And all of these colors mean that I should be able to knit socks in all of the colors for Project Spectrum.


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4 responses to “A Palette of Many Colors

  1. All the yarns look so happy next to the flowers.

    That’s quite a Socks That Rock haul you have there *jealous*

  2. I could imagine just keeping the STR yarns around to fondle!

  3. The twist in the Icicle yarn looks a little loose — how is it to knit with?

  4. I love your socks! Kitty Kitty is quite lucky, indeed. What an awesome haul of STR. Your pictures are excellent, and it’s nice to see what the yarn actually looks like on the skein in natural light. I have a heck of a time figuring out what STR will actually look like from their website.