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Adieu Old Friend

I spent the weekend running errands and going through all of the socks I have on the needles right now. I also spent some time going through my patterns and reorganizing them or at least attempting to get some form of organization to them.

I also took the time to make sure that I visited both of my LYSs. I went to one Saturday and bought nothing. Nothing for myself that is, I am taking part in the Spring Purse Kit swap over at Swap-Bot and I =bought everything I needed for my kit there. I will post a picture after I have send the kit and I am sure that the person who it is for has received it.

I also went to a barn sale. Which around here means a flea market in a barn. I am still looking for something to use to store my fabric and yarn in so I can get rid of the nasty metal shelves they are on. Everything I like is a true antique and cost an arm and a leg. The only thing I saw at this barn sale that I liked was a fire place grate that I almost bought for a friend of mine who is trying to figure out how to decorate the bricked up fireplace in her new house. The operative word was almost buy. The price for this grate which needed quite a bit of work to clean it up was more than it would have cost me to buy one I saw in an antique store that was already cleaned up. But the scenery around the barn was nice as you can see from the photos.


Sunday was supposed to be rainy but wasn’t/ Instead it was just gray and a little bit on the damp side. So I went to the the other LYS in town. I am trying to be good and not buy yarn. (Priscilla, you had better not say anything 🙂 ) Instead I looked at pattern books. And I did walk away with four books. I bought Jonelle Raffino‘s new book Purls Forever. (Jonelle autographed the copies before sending them to my LYS.) I also picked up Jo Sharp’s The Holiday Island Summer, another Jo Sharp book called Gathering, and the RYC book Classic Holiday Book 3. But I have a question why is it that dome people can not understand that not every one can knit with cotton? Those of us who have had their shoulder’s reconstructed have issues with cotton regardless of what needles we use. But thankfully Calmer is a nice yarn to use for summer instead of cotton. (I also walked through the old part of town and took a few photos as well.)


The time spent with my patterns has told me that I have plenty of patterns. And they desperately need organization. I am thinking of buying several notebooks to keep my patterns in since my current method of throwing them in a pile just doesn’t work. Each notebook will have a different category of patterns in it. The one for sock patterns will have to be a 4-inch binder.

p4010058.jpgAnd the adieu to an old friend is to the sock that I decided to frog. I started this sock during my last class.. It is green and perfect for the current colors of Project Spectrum but I am not loving the sock. I think it is the pattern. I love the yarn since I have knit with it before in a different color way. So it has gone to the frog pile. But never fear there is a different green sock that will be taking its place. I haven’t decided which of my greens it will be but I think I know what pattern it will be. I want to go back through the new More Sensational Socks book again. But I have a pink sock on the needles. That will at least get me a start on the pinks. (Okay, I already have one of the socks done since it was done last month. But I waited until the colors switched to start the mate since the colors in the yarn are pink, raspberry and black.)


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