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Misty Gray Day

p4010018.jpgToday, it is a gray, overcast, misty, and cold type of day. The perfect day to stay inside and knit. Too bad I have to work today. But at least the mist will help wash down the pollen for today at least. I think that today I will concentrate on my sock for Bloomin’ Feet since the colors are nice and bright. I am at the heel and working a top down heel requires some concentration for me, Once I get the heel turned, the next challenge will be grafting the toe. (It has been a really long time since I have done that.) I can also start the second sock after turning the heel as well.

I also have started my scarf for the International Scarf Swap 4. I am using a new to me eco-friendly yarn and I am loving it so far. Photos will be up after I have a few more inches on the scarf. Right now you really can not see anything. p4010041.jpg

I was on a waiting list for a class and I got in the class last night by the skin of my teeth. This is another fire service class and the class is limited to exactly 15 people – no more, no less. There were 3 other people there last night who were also on the waiting list. There was exactly one person who was on the class list who did not show up at all. (There was one guy who had a work conflict but he had made arrangements to get his paperwork taken care of already.) I was number one on the waiting list so I was the one who got that slot. The class is the second half of how to be a fire service instructor and we are in the pilot program for the new version of this class. It should be interesting. I am now having to rethink my original project idea and come up with a new one. I have two in mind but I need to run them past some one to see which one is more feasible. One is fire prevention related and the other has to do with teaching fire fighters what is called emergency Spanish. (This is just enough Spanish to get your point across and not get yourself hurt or worse. The state police have taught a similar program and it has helped. And I do have a contact in the state police who can get me the information I will need.) But one of the days that the instructor wanted to hold class was the Saturday of Maryland Sheep and Wool. I spoke up and told him that I have a conflict since I will be attending a conference that weekend. I do have my priorities straight – yarn first!!!!! We will settle on the final class schedule next week. (The level of the class means that there are quite a few career fire fighters in the class and schedules have to be dealt with and that means there is more flexibility with the schedule.)



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