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Mimi Candy Friday

I do have lots of yarnie goodies to show but Mother Nature is not cooperating. We went from spring to summer and back to winter all in a matter of days. The light outside is not conducive to taking decent photos. I will try and get everything photographed over the weekend when there is actually supposed to be decent sunlight even though it will cold. I have yarn from Knitty-Noddy, my Lime and Violet Yarn PrOn swap, and Easter presents from Kitty Kitty.

So for Eye Candy Friday, I will leave you with a few photos of Mimi, the wonder cat. And yes, she is a typical Siamese cat or meezer. She knows how to get her way. (These shots were taken last fall but they are typical of her when she sees the camera. She sticks her nose in the lens and than runs. She is not the most cooperative subject.) (For something funny to read, go and read the tales of Sammy and Miles, two very cute meezers.. Look for the post on Rules, Schmooles. Mimi’s addition to the rules would be – my paws are big and i hit what i aim for so get out of my way.)



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