Bloomin’ Feet

p1290019.JPGHave you ever had a yarn try to tell you that it doesn’t want you to knit it? And you don’t listen? Not just once, but twice? Or even three times? And you are knitting this project for some else? And you are working against a deadline?

Okay everyone, lower your hands. All of us have been there at one time or anther. The yarn that I was using for my sock for Bloomin’ Feet has been trying to tell me something. Not just once. Not twice. But three times. Yes, I have frogged it yet again.

The first time I knit this yarn the pattern was Elfine by the wonderful Anna of My Fashionable Life. I was loving the pattern and everything looked like it was on schedule. Until I discovered that I had split the yarn in the lace pattern over an inch back. So I frogged.

p2200025.JPG p3220016.JPGp3220015.JPG

The second incarnation of this yarn came with a change in patterns. I settled on Fiber Trends Lupine lace pattern. I went from a toe up patterns to a top down pattern. (Remember that I knit almost all of my socks toe up so this was a big stretch for me.)

I love the pattern and the yarn. The first time I started the pattern, I started out on my usuals US0s. But when I went to try on the sock, there was a little bitty problem – it was too tight!!! So the second try at this pattern, I got smart. I did the ribbing on US2s and switched down to US 1s for the leg. I was able to get the sock on and it was comfortable on the leg. (This was about 2 inches in.) So I kept going.

I did the number of repeats called for in the pattern and started the heel. I switched over to my trusty US 0s to have a nice tight heel. I got through the scary gusset. It looked like I was on the home stretch. Until I looked at the amount of yarn I had left. It just didn’t look like I had enough for a second sock.

So I decided to try on the sock. Okay so far Until I pulled the leg up my calf. It was awfully high and what had been comfortable before was really tight. The reason was that it was higher up on my calf. Now will admit that I have a large calf but it is not a fat calf. I just have very muscular calves. So I decided that if the sock was tight on me, it would be for anyone else.


So I frogged the yarn for a third time. And I finally listened to what the yarn had been trying to tell me. It did not want to be either pattern. And I skeined the yarn and washed it. And I switched yarns and changed patterns again. This time to one I have done before.

The new yarn is a lime green sock yarn from Tess Designer Yarns that I had picked up at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival a few years ago. The new pattern is the Simple Lovely Lace Socks from the Spring 2006 issue of IK. Except that I do it toe up. And as to the yarn that didn’t want me to knit it? It is Tiger Lily from All Things Heather and I will be rewinding it into a center pull ball. I will probably send it to the person I am making socks for since I intended it to be for her.

Now stay tuned to see how I do with this yarn……


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8 responses to “Bloomin’ Feet

  1. That happens to me all the time, especially when I’m trying to kit with yarn I’ve spun – if I don’t have a pattern in mind while spinning (which is most of the time), I normally have to frog 3 or 4 times before I can figure out what the yarn wants to be. And I love that lime green yarn – it’s very Kermit. 🙂

  2. I agree with Lufah about the yarn being very Kermit. And I mean that in the best way since I do have a thing for the wee green one :o)

    I hope the new yarn, new pattern are a winning combination for you!

  3. Wow, what a saga! I love the pattern, and it will all turn out nicely, I have faith!

  4. I think that happens to us more than we want to admit. I love the lime green yarn. I am hoping it will be well have better manners and be well behaved for you this time around since the end of the month is near. 🙂

  5. The lime green looks fun! I empathize with your ‘froggin’ saga — I have so many yarns that either sit as UFOs because I don’t know what to do or wind up in other projects. Good luck, can’t wait to see what you ‘wind’ up with!

  6. You just need to start buying some more compliant yarn, man! I hate it when the inanimate objects argue with you.

    I just started a secret project with some ATH Solid Sock and it is so-o pretty. I’m on 2.25mm needles and it’s making a lovely fabric.

  7. I’ve had that happen. I ended up knitting that skein into a simple two by two ribbed scarf. It’s actually really pretty. There was no way I was going to let my yarn boss me around! I say turn that skein into a simple scarf. That’ll teach it a lesson.

  8. globetrotteri

    I love love love these colors Mia. They make my heart sing with joy. I bet they’re going to make feet sing too when you finally get them tackled! Teach that yarn how to play nice!