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Bad Knitter

I have been trying very hard to not buy any more sock yarn until Maryland Sheep and Wool. I was doing very good and only buying patterns. But I am weak and a gave in to temptation. I saw some new sock yarn over on some one’s blog (not naming names as an enabler am I?) And well, I just had to go and check out the new store. Woolgirl is fantastic if you love indie dyers. And I love indie dyers.

I restrained myself in my ordering though. The festival is coming up in only about 3 weeks. So I ordered on Friday and the order arrived today. I ordered enough for 4 pairs of socks. I ordered Oceanwind Knits merino in color called Poppy. (I forgot to take a picture of it but it is gorgeous.) I also ordered some Sereknity in Petunias which may become socks for my mother. (She has been bugging about making her a pair.) There is also a skein of Yarn Pirate‘s super wash in a color called Panama. (I had to have since I once lived in Panama and the colors made me homesick.) I fell in love with the colors in Stonebarn Fibers Anglea. Pink and black. How could I resist? (And it is sold out already!!!)


And Jennifer also tucked in to the order a small stitch marker shaped like a sheep. The little lamb has pink and black spot son him. It is soo cute!!!

I have been having problems finding some one in my area who really understands curly hair. The beauty school was nice but you never got the same person twice. And they kind of did what they wanted to. I have had several other hair dressers who were good for a while and listened to what I wanted as to cut and hair color. But after awhile it seems like they stop listening. I know that other people with straight hair have similar issues.

Well, yesterday, I went to a salon that was recommended by a friend of my mother’s who was a hair dresser herself before opening a children’s shoe store. The shop is normally not open on Mondays but Gigi has to go out of town this weekend so she was open yesterday to take care of a few clients. My appointment was at 10 am and I didn’t leave there until 12:30. She took the time to listen to what I wanted and she played with my hair first. She was honest about the build up of color at the ends and that the best way to get rid of it was to cut my hair short. I personally do not like my hair short and I need to keep it long enough to pull back for fire calls. We comprised in the middle with it being just long enough to pull back but still much shorter than I am normally comfortable with. We also did a treatment that picked up quite a bit of the build up that was left still on my hair. The treatment was not as harsh on my hair as stripping it would be.

I am going back next week for “corrective color” to try and get my hair back to something closer to its natural color. Gigi claims that the hair dye she uses will hold and cover gray. Since I am going to be paying an arm and a leg for this process, I am going to hold her to her word. My hair grows fast and most colors do not hold. My hair color right now is too dark for my skin but the red in it is the right shade. She was thinking something more along the lines odf a copper red. I will post photos afterwards.

(I just went and grabbed lunch from my local shop and none of the guys in there even realized that I had my hair cut short. Well, Sayid did but he notices things. There were quite a few of the regulars in there today too. Even the guy I used to date was there and he didn’t notice. I normally wear by hair up but today it is down and all of them have seen it down before. I guess it will take them a few days to notice.


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