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Hokie Healing


I just received a message from Phyl of Got Gauge about the project that the yarn shop in Blacksburg is undertaking. I think it is a worthy cause. And yes, I know several Hokies. And I know one who was at school during the shootings.

The school colors are maroon and burnt orange. If you have any questions, please contact Phyl over on her blog about this. I need to get some burnt orange yarn to knit some squares with first. But please help if you can.


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Earth Day

Yesterday was Earth Day and I celebrated by tearing out my flower garden. I have been wanting to do this for several weeks but the weather has not cooperated to allow me to play in the dirt. Yesterday though was perfect for playing in the dirt. So I started out with a garden full of thyme and lavender plants. And lots of weeds. And there were still some bulbs that I hadn’t managed to pull out last fall when I was digging for them.

The soil around here is mostly clay which means it is heavy. When I planted this garden, I didn’t really do anything to the soil other than dig a hole and stick in the plants. But I used to apply good mulch to the bed. So I now want add some good compost to the soil before I replant this flower bed. I started out by digging up around the one huge lavender plant that had something weird on it. I started out by cutting back some big branches. And some of the ones down near the base of the plant were huge. I just pulled them apart. And I was not at all surprised to find trash in there. There is a McD’s down the street and people walk up there and just leave their trash all over the place.


I than started pulling weeds and digging up the dirt. I pulled up all of my thyme plants since they need to be replanted anyhow. I only saved one plant and that was a dwarf lavender that I planted last year. The other lavenders that I planted last year weren’t as hardy. I still have one small section to dig up but I need to rake the stones off of it first. It is the area right under the spot where all of the downspouts meet so I have gravel there. But the rest of the bed is turned up. And yes, I found quite a few earthworms which means the soil is actually good!!!


I also did a little digging in my mint bed. I decided to dig up all of my bulbs. I think you can see why with the photo of the daffodil bulbs. I dig up some of the mint just to thin it out some. It will grow back just as dense as it was before. I try to pull out about 1/3 of it every year just to help keep it from taking over everything. Plus, the mint seems to like the abuse. I need to go back in that bed next week and dig up some of my dragon’s tears to share with some one. (I am not sure what the real name for the plant is but that is what the person who gave it to me called. It has a tiny pink flower that I will try and capture when it blooms. If anyone knows what it is really called. please let me know!)

8ut I also planted some flowers. I got a good deal on some pansies but it has been too cold to plant them. I have been keeping them alive on my back porch. I planted them in the pots that I normally use for my herbs. But I do have some flowers for right now.


Photos of knitting and swaps tomorrow.


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