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Kermit Visits Some Green

Okay, Kermit wanted to go out and play on Sunday which was Earth Day. And I did let him. But first another FO in Project Spectrum colors. This time around pinks!!! The yarn is Rock Star from Sunshine Yarns. The pattern is my plain generic toe-up sock with a picot cuff. I have had the one finished since last month but I just finished the mate.


And since I finished my no-thinking required socks I did start another pair. Okay, I already had another one started. When I cleaned up my stash, I found several skeins where I had wound them into center pull balls but no labels. Or I had started a pair and frogged them and the yarn was in two balls. So I am trying to use them up as my no-thinking required sock yarns. No photos yet of the new nameless socks. (But the yarn is STR!!!)

And I have received yet more goodies from swaps again. First of all, I received my scarf from ISE 4 already. Technically it isn’t a scarf but a shawl. I said I was up for surprises. And Yuju sent me a lovely purple shawl. I am not sure of the yarn but it is a lovely deep purple and soft. The pattern reminds me of the Flower Basket Lace Shawl from Fiver Trends. It does look really pretty against the green of the grass. (Correction – I have been told that the pattern is the Swallow Tail pattern from the Fall 2006 issue of IK.)


I also received my yarn from the Earth Day Swap hosted by Moraie over at moraie knitting. We were supposed to send our partner eco-friendly yarns. And she sent me some yarn that I have been wanting to try. I love Fleece Artist sock yarn in the first place but I have yet to try the Sea Wool sock yarn. She sent me a skein of it. I am not sure of the color name but the colors are pinks and greens. I think it might be Rose Garden. She also sent me four skeins of Classic Elite’s Bam Boo which is a 100% bamboo yarn in a dark peacock. She also sent me the Flower Basket Shawl pattern and some chocolate. The chocolate is the Endangered Species chocolate which is some of the best chocolate out there.


Now for Kermit. The first sock is almost done. I have one more repeat to do before I call them done. I will do a picot bind-off on the sock. Than I can start the first one. The one comment from my LYS was how many batteries does the sock take. So I guess the socks are a little bright. Kermit is brighter than the grass even. I am hoping to have these done in time. If nothing else, I will be very close.



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