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Maryland Sheep and Wool & Contest

Okay, next weekend is Maryland Sheep and Wool. And yes, I am going. It would be stupid not to since I said I had an important conference that weekend when some one wanted to schedule class that weekend. Fiber bets class any day.

And yes there will be a blogger meet up. Gryphon of the Sanguine Gryphon is planning it. I am trying to help as much as I can. The meet up will be both Saturday and Sunday at 1 pm on the grass or green next to the Central Pavilion where the music and stage will be. I am going to try and post a few signs up Saturday morning. I hope to see everyone there.

There is a button that has been made by Kitty Kitty for the meet up. Please feel free to post it on your blog but make sure that you save the button on your server.


Now in honor of my ever expanding sock stash, I am going to have a contest. The contest if for those who will not be able to be there. There are two people who are automatically disqualified and they know who they are since they will be with me. Yes, Priscilla, that does mean you. No unfair advantages.

The contest will be to guess how many skeins of sock yarn I end up buying. Notice that I say sock yarn not lace yarn. That is a whole different species of yarn. There will be at least two prizes. Who ever guess closest will win some sock yarn from my stash. I get to pick the yarn so that means no Sweet Georgia or STR. Sorry but that is sacred yarn. If there is more than two people guessing close, I can dig into the stash and come up with another skein or two. I will be buying some sock yarn for other people so they will not count towards what is going into my stash. The ladies of Knit Buddies will help to keep track of what is mine and what I am buying for others. And yarn that is given to me doesn’t count either. I have to put this in because I know that some one said she is bringing me yarn. The contest will close Sunday evening on May 6.


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Rain Rain Rain

I failed to take pictures last night. But we did get rain. I went out for a walk and got home right before 8 pm. I went up to the attic to close the attic windows because I knew that it was going to rain over night. I had just gotten down the attic steps and was closing the door when I heard the rain start. I have a slate roof, with a slightly sloped metal roof on the tip top of the roof and wide metal half round gutters. So when it rains, I get to hear it. It is a wonderful sound. I had closed the windows up there just in time. And once the rain started, it kept coming. I was knitting and watching a present on the DVD when I thought I saw the sky light up. Yep, we have had our first thunderstorm of the season. (I am easy to entertain apparently.)


I went down the back stairs and took some photos of the new river that was the driveway as the rain came down. I did make a video of it but I have to figure out how to upload it first. There really isn’t much too see but the sound is great.

So I have plenty of photos to take tomorrow or Sunday of all of the yarn-y goodness that I have received in the mail in the past few days. Among the items that I have received in the past few days are my Bloomin Feet socks. Thank you Jennifer!!!!! A nice little package from Eva. i have been assured that the candy and cookies were great. I am posting those pictures to prove that I did give the candy to the post office. 😉 I have also received my April STR kit and my Scout’s Swag package. Can I say that I love both yarns and the colors in both?


And I also received a package full of Pocky and a little something special from Kitty Kitty yesterday. This despite the fact that we will be seeing each other next weekend. And go cheer on Meow Girl in their personal 52 pairs contest. MG needs the cheering section. The something special that Kitty Kitty sent me was some Tivoed episodes of the Knitty Gritty. I have never seen it not just because I do not have cable but because the cable company in this area does not carry it. I did watch the Harlot and Scout last night. My parents just got a dish; I wonder if they can get it…..

And an update on my hair. After living with my hair cut for the past several days, I decided not to go back to the person who cut it last. Let’s just say that cutting curly hair is an art and she didn’t meet the qualifications for the art guild. I went to a friend who does work on curly hair. Yeah, I know, I should have gone to him in the first place. He colored it this morning and attempted to fix it. Some of it just has to grow out but it will grow out looking good. The curls are ten times better and my hair feels better. And the nice part was that he didn’t charge me for the cut. Plus he didn’t push product on me. He just reminded me to condition it before washing it. Yes, condition it before even thinking about shampoo. Some decent photos of it will be taken next week I am sure but here is a photo to show off the new color and curls.



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