Welcome to Summer Recipe

Here is a drink that I like to make in the summer when it is really hot outside. Now I do like southern style iced tea but this is tens times better. When you go to Hawaii, cold drinks are a must. This is a recipe I found in a cookbook called Hawaiian Country Tables


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3 responses to “Welcome to Summer Recipe

  1. That looks absolutely delicious! Mmmm… pineapple juice. I just love pineapples, but I have to be careful with them because I’m allergic, esp. to fresh ones.

  2. OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH this makes me want my friend C’s japanese mint ice tea.. I know not the same thing, but as I don’t normally do tea (or coffee) of any kind it is something hehehe. I might try making one, but in a smaller quantity.

    Cheers Eva

  3. Oh, mmmmmm, summertime!