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More Socks Finished

Okay, the Kermit socks have been done for a bit but I haven’t posted them. I hope their new owner likes them. They are pair #7 for the year.


Pair #8 is called My Hands are Purple socks. The yarn is also from Tess Designer Yarns. I think the color is Peach Melba. The water was purple instantly when they first hit the water. It took three washings and a soak with white vinegar before the water was pretty clear. There was only a slight tint of purple to the water after the vinegar rinse.


And yes, I did start a new pair of sock already. And see if you can guess the pattern. It is a very addictive pattern. And I love the yarn. And very strange for me, I am actually doing them top down.



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Memorial Day

How I spent Memorial Day ….


I spent the weekend stressing out over my readings and my papers. I had a practical Monday night so I went to class early and sat over at the park nearby the training center and read. I feel 10 times calmer when I am near water.


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Where I Would Rather Be….


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On the Missing List Temporarily

This is a heads up that I may be missing for the next several days. My final project and two papers are due next Thursday. So I am going to be working on these projects pretty much full time over the next several days. All of us in class last night realized that the final was next Thursday and just how much work all of us have left. I am luckier than some of the rest since most of my lesson is finished and I just need to work on the papers. So I will only be popping in here occasionally until the papers are finished.


But knitting will be going on since I can knit and think. But here are some photos of the garden growing. More bean plants are coming up. Since I planted several bean plants, it is a good thing that I like green beans and have people to share the bounty with. And my Hogwarts socks are coming along. If you are in Ravenclaw, are they yours? And the peach melba socks that are my simple no think socks have been turning my fingers purple. I hope the excess color washes out. I am trying to hurry up and finish these socks so that my fingers will stop turning purple when I knit them. And I will have to wash my needles when I am done just to make sure no color remains on the needles.


(I just checked and I have 6 bean plants coming up and I planted seeds for more this morning!!!!!)


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Still Alive …I Think

Yes, I am alive and there is knitting going on. The Kermit socks are done. And I hope they will not bleed anymore. There is progress on my Hogwarts Socks and my Sockapoolza 4 socks. But no photos.

Instead, I am letting my legs recover still. I had a practical evolution for one of my classes on Sunday. And this was after a very physical day Saturday with garage sales, walking all over town with a 4 year old and a 1 year old, and birthday party with about 25 3 and 4 year olds. So my legs hurt.

My town always has town day the third Saturday of May. This is a day for everyone to have garage sales and the churches to have their festivals and the town pays for all of the advertising. I had quite a few books and a few other items to sell. My fire chief’s mother was having a garage sale and she invited me to join her. So it was my chief’s grandmother, his mother, his wife, his sister-in-lay, and I with all of our stuff in front of his dad’s shop. I had quite a few paper books and I was letting his daughters have the money from them. I went with his daughters and grandmother walking all over town so that the girls could go shopping. (Okay, the 4 year old went shopping. The one year old was along for the ride.) We stopped at the church festivals and played games and ate lunch before heading back. I had a fire prevention/birthday party at the station at 2 pm for 25 kids so I left early. (The chief’s little girls made more money than I did from the sale of the books but that is okay. The books are out of my house now and they have more money in their savings accounts.)

The birthday part was a success. But I learned a valuable lesson to limit the number of children to under 15. At least there were probably around 45 adults. But everyone had fun and I was able to impress a chief from another county with our equipment and how I run the parties.

Sunday morning, my Engine Company Operations class had a practical session. Bright and early on Sunday is not always a fire fighter’s favorite time. Especially if you have been celebrating the night before as one of the class members had been. Yes, in true fire fighter fashion, he was picked on and had the hard stuff to do first. There is no mercy for those who are hung over.

We had to set up for drafting, set up a master stream device, and hook to a hydrant first. (That is my group did that first.) We than switched over to throwing ladders and advancing hose up a ladder. That is what killed my legs. When we are operating off a ground ladder, we are supposed to use what is known as a leg lock to keep us from falling off the ladder. Basically, you put one leg in between the rungs and the foot wraps the lower rung. It is actually quite easy if you have small feet. (One advantage to being a female with small feet.) But it is hard on your legs. And the photo in the link does not really show it very well since we are doing them in full turnout gear and higher up on the ladder. For me, it kills my leg where it rests against the ladder rung. But that is because this is a skill that we do not use as much as we should. (For photos from Sunday, check out my fire company web album.)

On to the sock knitting. Kermit is done. I washed them but the water was a pale green. I dried them and washed them again. And still a light green in the water. I repeated the process several times over the weekend. The last time though I finished the rinse with a very healthy dose of white vinegar. Now that they are dry, they smell of vinegar and I am debating washing them once more t help tone the smell and make sure that the excess dye is out of the socks. The color hasn’t changed so I am not too worried about that issue. Photos will be taken tomorrow before the socks are mailed off. I really think I will wash them one last time at lunch time.

I have started my Hogwarts Socks and they are coming along nicely. I like the way the color is changing and the colors. I am past the heel on my Sockapoolza socks. I am knitting both socks at the same time So that they will be the same. Photos will be taken soon.

And so this will not be a picture less post, here are some photos from the garden. I planted beans and carrots in both pots and an old flower bed. I have carrots coming up in the pot and beans in the flower bed. Hopefully, they will all come up. I love fresh carrots and green beans. Plus, I try to give vegetables to some of the older people in town who love to garden but can no longer plant vegetables for a variety of reasons. I really do need to pick up two more tomato plants this weekend and pick up some more seeds for lettuce and maybe some spinach or lettuce. Spinach since I love it.


Edited to add: I washed Kermits again at lunch and this time no green tint to the water. So they will be dry by tomorrow morning and ready to fly away to their new home.


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7 Things

Stacey tagged me with this meme. I have to reveal 7 things about me and then pick 7 people to tag. I also have to leave a comment on their blog that they have been tagged and direct them to my blog to read the rules of the game.

1) My blog is banned in China because I have mentioned Taiwan in the blog.

2) I used to tell my brother that he was hatched and that he couldn’t be human since he was a gooney bird.

3) I saw Bob Hope when he was on his way to Vietnam for one of his USO tours. His plane stopped at Midway Island to refuel. It was the middle of the night. If it wasn’t for the movies of it, I wouldn’t remember it.

4) I saw President Nixon when I was in kindergarten. (It might explain my attitude towards politicians.)

5) I am one quarter Filipino. But I don’t look it

6) I was a tom boy growing up.

7) I used to think that speaking English was strange. I spoke fluent Neapolitan Italian and Spanish before I spoke fluent English.

I am tagging these bloggers specifically. But if you want to be tagged, go ahead and post the meme.






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Eye Candy Friday

Okay, I admit it, fiber is as addictive as sock yarn. And for today’s eye candy Friday, I couldn’t chose so I am offering up both sock yarn and fiber. The sock yarn is Urban Gypz Hand Painted Sock Yarn in Ave Maria Sangria and Playing with Matches. The roving is from Wiley over at Sakina Needles. The colors of the roving are Surfer Dude and Crocus Crochet.



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