Bloomin Socks

p4300067.jpgI have received my Bloomin Socks already. Yummy!!! My socks were knitted for me by Jennifer of Craftylilly. The socks are knit in Lorna’s Laces Bitter Sweet color way. The pattern is Ryan‘s Dublin Bay sock pattern. It is warm enough here that I have already switched over to my Chaco‘s so these socks will not see much wear until the winter. (And yes, I do end up with a Chaco tan by the end of the summer. Well, the skin where the straps are is paler than the rest of my foot.)

There a some extras in the box as well. Jennifer made me a new bag to carry my sock knitting in which is always useful since you can never have too many socks on the needles. How else will I knit through my sock yarn stash? And we will not discuss how large that stash is because sock yarn doesn’t count as stash.


There was a wonderful bar of lavender soap in the bag to make the socks smell pretty. There were some lovely coasters which are always useful. There are two post it pads which will be used for notes on sock patterns. There is also this really neat dragon book mark. And I do love dragons.

I also have received a package from Eva over at From Sheep to Shawls and Socks. This is the lovely package that had the cookies and candy for the people at my post office. We traded Knit Picks needles for Addis and of course, the needles can not be lonely in the box, so yarn to had to accompany the needles. So she sent me some yarn. Yeah, just what every addict needs is more supply! 😉 She sent me a skein of Fortissima Colori 1000 in color 9053. Yes, this is the glitter stuff but it isn’t too bright. And she also sent me a skein of Flotte Socke. (I hope this is the right link.) And she sent me a lovely post card of Luxembourg which is known as the Green Heart of Europe.


I also received yet more yarn in the mail recently. There is nothing worse to have than a friend who is also a sock knitter and shares. We some how seem to enable each other. After all what is the fun in not being able to share? I received a package full of Pocky with some yarn in it. I have added more Tofutsies to the stash in a pale pink. And some one claimed they couldn’t resist it when she saw the name on label of Eat Your Veggies. She doesn’t realize how much trouble is going to get herself in this weekend. That color is so pretty and you need it. I think that will work.



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9 responses to “Bloomin Socks

  1. You took way better pictures than I did of the socks! I’m glad you like them and hope they keep your toes warm next winter.

  2. So when do you leave?

    I love your new socks – you’ll have a fresh supply of comfy socks to pull out when summer is over.

  3. it’s going to be fun to watch you two egg each other on. 🙂

  4. At one time I thought that pair of socks was for me;-) NICE!

  5. What great swap packages! The Dublin Bay socks are just beautiful.

    You’ll have to let us know how the Lace Addis work. Those things are in short supply around here.

    Have fun this weekend! Pet a sheep or two for me.

  6. MOHAHA MOHAHAH… *batting eyelashes*….. Me egg anyone on to buy yarn… That never happens.

    I do not recall senator those actions ever happening within my knowledge.

    MS&W is going to be so much fun.

    I absolutely love the ladybug shot. So nice to put it beside the loot from me.

  7. Your Bloomin’ Feet package is lovely!!

  8. You’ve had a nice little mail week haven’t you?! The Dublin Bays look fabulous and in such a happy colorway — Enjoy!

  9. what beautiful brilliant socks! Joyous spring!