Maryland Sheep and Wool

Okay, Saturday is Maryland Sheep and Wool. And I will be there along with millions and millions of other knitters. Okay, maybe hundreds not millions. and yes, I will be at the bloggers meet up. I am lazy, so scroll down to find the info.

To make it easier to id me, I am planning on wearing my FDNY baseball hat since it is my favorite one. And if the hat isn’t on my head, it will probably be tucked into the back of my jeans. This si a trick that a fire fighter taught me so you don’t lose your hat on a call. I might wear my other one which has the words FIRE/RESCUE on the front and it is royal blue but I doubt it. It is the one from my fire company but I don’t like it. If it is cool enough to wear a jacket, I will wear my fire company wind shirt which is navy blue and has a big 11 with an American flag on it on the left front. I would say that I would wear a fire company shirt but I only wear them when I have to. Plus navy blue can get hot.

And I would like to encourage everyone to go over to Firedog Across America and read the essays and vote for your favorite. Circuit City is sponsoring this contest and every vote means money for the fire company listed.

Some fire companies in this country are still hurting. A complete set of good turnout gear can run around $3000 maybe a little bit less but is still over $2000 per person. Fire hose, ladders, tools, engines, and everything we use has to be replaced on a regular basis. And there are many fire companies out there who can not afford to do this. So keep this in mind when you read the essays.
There are federal grants out there and I know people who have sat on the review committees and the stories in the requests are heart breaking at times. So go and vote. My fire company is really lucky in that we have money in the bank and we live in a state and a county where money is available.

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