Daily Archives: May 4, 2007

Eye Candy

Mimi decided to cooperate and allowed me to take pictures of her again. Normally she will run away when she sees the camera so you get shots of her rear. That is until she comes running right up to the lens and you a blurry photo of her nose. But she likes the messages she keeps getting from Mooky so I guess she wanted to give him some new photos.


And now a question for anyone who cares to answer, why are so many men so afraid of women with intelligence? I do realize that there quite few men out there who are not afraid but it seems like all of the ones I meet are interested until they find out I have a mind and know how to use it. And I am not just talking about men in the fire service. Although they are the main ones that I meet since I am around them more. I did get an email from some one I know at another station that my company runs with asking why I haven’t been on calls lately. To do this, he created a MySpace page and found one of my profiles. I did let him know that right now I am buried in classes but he emailed me back and said to let him know when class is done and maybe we can get together. So we shall see…. At least he doesn’t appear to be afraid that I have a brain and am not afraid to use it.



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