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Contest Winners

Okay, the winner of the contest was Sprite!!! She hit the number exactly. She guessed five and that is what I bought. There are several other runner up winners as well. Basically, I wrote everyone’s name on a slip of paper and kept drawing names out of a box until I ran out of yarn. So the runners up will be getting one skein of my stash sock yarn and Sprite gets a few more skeins. After all, I have to share the wealth.


One of the winners was a wonderful male knitter I met first thing Saturday morning. I was standing in line at the Tess booth and there was a wonderful young male knitter standing in line behind me. He was there with his aunt and grandmother. His older sister was there as well but she was just there for advice. I am not sure if Louis knows yet that he won. I emailed his aunt and let her decide if he got he prize or she wanted it for herself. Bethe was nice and decided that Louis needed it.

The other winners are La Brainy, Emy, Kathy, Madame Clothesknit, Teyani, Jen with the guess of 14, and Joy of dynamiteknits @ circle plus six. I think I have emailed everyone. I am going to try and have everything out by Friday since postage goes up on Sunday.

And I am still working on my post about the festival. I also still need to take photos of the sock yarns that I bought. And I did buy roving and two spindles. A third spindle almost folloed me home but I was good and told it that maybe later.


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