The State of the Garden

Last time I mentioned my garden, I had just pulled everything out. The soil was amended with lots of peat and sand to help break up the clay soil. And now it is planted. Well, mostly planted. I planted some seeds and I need to see if they come up. If they don’t come up, I will be buying some plants to fill in those areas. But there is a cherry tomato plant with two companion basil plants in one large container. There is tiny eggplant plant in another container. Another container has 3 different types of basil. I have one large container that I have planted some bush beans in plus some carrots to take advantage of the space. I planted some herbs in the flower bed. I also pulled up more of the weeds in an area in the middle of the parking lot where there used to be a flower bed. I planted more bush beans and carrots there. (Actually, it is called using up the rest of the seeds.)


My color combinations are like my sock yarns. Bright!! I have orange marigolds planted next to flowers that will bloom either red or pink. I do like to mix things up color wise. It will be interesting once things fill in how the colors mix. (I still need to add gravel and mulch but that is all that needs to be done.)

p5130042.jpgp5130043.jpg These are the bloom on my dragon’s tear plants. I have no idea what the real name of this plant is but the flower only lasts for a very short period of time in mid to latte spring.


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5 responses to “The State of the Garden

  1. You should see my little Bleeding Heart plant! My Puck loves to help me make pesto from our Basil plants. and then we use fresh tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella and melt the whole thing on some crusty bread. He eats about six pieces!

  2. It sounds like you’ve done a lot of work in your garden.

    I hope you have a good crop this year and beautiful flowers.

  3. I definitely need to add some flowers to my garden. I planted two vines this week that ought to flower at some point, but almost all the marigolds died, so we just have a lot of green in the plot.

  4. It looks like you’ll have some lovely blooms soon!

  5. globetrotteri

    So pretty. I love flowers, the brighter, the better. I wish I had a garden in Taiwan but I have to satisfy myself with the flower markets. Thanks for sharing.