Eye Candy Friday

Okay, I admit it, fiber is as addictive as sock yarn. And for today’s eye candy Friday, I couldn’t chose so I am offering up both sock yarn and fiber. The sock yarn is Urban Gypz Hand Painted Sock Yarn in Ave Maria Sangria and Playing with Matches. The roving is from Wiley over at Sakina Needles. The colors of the roving are Surfer Dude and Crocus Crochet.



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4 responses to “Eye Candy Friday

  1. hmmmmmmm… Playing with Matches and Ave Maria eah… Very pretty.

    Mohahah Mohaha… fiber adiction has begun.

  2. So very pretty! I am not a spinner but I like seeing other people’s works.

  3. I love the photo of the books you’ve put up there. (I’m hoping it’s relatively new, so I won’t seem like an idiot by just noticing…)

  4. I love that you got the playing with matches yarn…I am glad you like both. I am tagging you on my blog…play if you’d like!