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On the Missing List Temporarily

This is a heads up that I may be missing for the next several days. My final project and two papers are due next Thursday. So I am going to be working on these projects pretty much full time over the next several days. All of us in class last night realized that the final was next Thursday and just how much work all of us have left. I am luckier than some of the rest since most of my lesson is finished and I just need to work on the papers. So I will only be popping in here occasionally until the papers are finished.


But knitting will be going on since I can knit and think. But here are some photos of the garden growing. More bean plants are coming up. Since I planted several bean plants, it is a good thing that I like green beans and have people to share the bounty with. And my Hogwarts socks are coming along. If you are in Ravenclaw, are they yours? And the peach melba socks that are my simple no think socks have been turning my fingers purple. I hope the excess color washes out. I am trying to hurry up and finish these socks so that my fingers will stop turning purple when I knit them. And I will have to wash my needles when I am done just to make sure no color remains on the needles.


(I just checked and I have 6 bean plants coming up and I planted seeds for more this morning!!!!!)



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