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Garden Eye Candy

Okay, maybe this time I will be able to finally post. Word Press and Mozzila are having a few issues this morning so I am having to use IE.

Classes are almost over. The paper from h*ll is done and turned in. The written final for that class was taken last night. Now all of us in the class are waiting to see what the pass rate will be. This class is considered a pilot program which means that there has been some tinkering with the program. The first class to take the test had a 20% pass rate. So we all have our fingers crossed. I was one of the six who presented our oral presentations last night as well. I was asked when I got to class if I was ready to present since our instructor knew that I would be ready.

For our oral presentations, we had to present a 45 minute lesson. There were 54 points possible and I was the only one last night to get a near perfect score. I had 53 out of 54 possible points. Prior experience in public speaking as paid off in this class. Everyone who presented last night did pass though. We are going to do what we can to help the others get a high score next Tuesday night. We have all banded together on this class.

And after the written test last night, we were all standing around in the parking lot moaning about the written test. And my instructor for my office classes stopped by the training center with his wife to pick up something from his office. He walked over to all of us and the first thing he said was I was knitting socks again. His wife told me that he liked the fact that I could knit and pay attention in class. I need to knit something for him. I ned to search for a pattern. I know that he will appreciate it.

And now for some eye candy. Last Saturday, a friend and I went to a garden center that I love. It is one of those places that is hidden away in the Pennsylvania countryside. Click on the images to look at the bigger photos. There are some hidden treasures in the photos that you may miss otherwise.



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Test post. I am having some problems with WordPress this morning.

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