Back Among the Living, I Think

Okay, classes are done. For the most part. The class from h**l as some one called it is done except for the retest. There were 13 of us in the class and 12 of us took the test together. (The other guy had already made arrangements to take the test this week since he had a work commitment the day we took the test.) Of the 12 of us who took the test, only one person passed with a 70. I was one of the lucky ones who scored high with a 60. Arrangements are being made for all of us to have a review followed by a different test. Our instructor is going to try and arrange for this to occur in the next two weeks. All of us passed everything else. But we have to pass an objective written test for certification. And we are not the first class to have problems with this test. We are the third. So we are all waiting to see what happens. We did joke last night that we would retake the class since we already had our presentations done and could reuse them. And yes, we are all prepared if necessary to retake the class. And yes, we can reuse our presentations. I actually have to expand mine out to a full 2 to 3 hour class and hopefully teach it in early fall.

And since classes are over, I now have more time to knit. And I really need to work on some socks to get them done. I really haven’t done much knitting the past week because of trying to get everything done for class. But my Monkey sock and I have been becoming really acquainted. As in, I have had to frog the same 6 rows over and over again. It really does help to pay attention to the pattern as I have discovered. Plus it doesn’t help that I am using dpns for this sock and it has been a long time since I have used dpns instead of circulars. But I am enjoying the dpns again. My dpns may have to come out of retirement.


And the garden is growing still. It is kind of fun to get up in the morning and look at how the carrot tops have changed. They are starting to look like carrot tops. Soon hopefully, there will be stuff eat out of the garden. And the farmer’s market is now open. I am going to try and go to one this afternoon. My town has one that is Wednesday afternoons and I know most of the people who operate booths at the market. So it really isn’t shopping but more like catching up on the gossip. And everyone knows that small towns breed gossip. If I go this afternoon, I will take the camera. The market is at a town park that used to be a farm.


But time to get back to knitting. Photos tomorrow or Friday of sock progress. And no, the goat is not mine. A friend who owns a farm brought it to a school fair. And he was cute but I can go and visit him when I want to so need to buy my own.


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3 responses to “Back Among the Living, I Think

  1. Tests like those are why grading on a curve was invented. I hope they don’t require you to repay for the class if the written test was poorly designed!

    I got back to DPN’s after magic looping for a while, and I’m just as pleased as could be. For me, it’s faster.

  2. Good luck with the test – I hope they don’t make you take the test again! I do like my dpn’s – though I have to say I haven’t tried the loop.

  3. I think there must be something wrong if only 1 person passed! It can’t all be the students’ faults.