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Sock Yarn Goodies

Okay, I am too lazy to step outside and take some photos of the sock progress. But I do have yarn news. First up is that I am going to offer up a skein of the Rare Gems STR in light weight to Claudia as a prize for her ride for MS. So keep an eye on her blog. And pledge. You have to pledge to have a chance of winning any of the wonderful prizes she is offering up. Her goal is to reach $20,000 and she is close to the goal. But I think that knitters can go over that goal. So go and help her beat her goal.

The second skien of yarn is a trade with Carrie of Socks in the City Podcast. She mentioned on an earlier episode that she had dyed a skein that was pretty bright. Well, it sounded like me. But some one bet me to the offer. So we set up a trade. I sent her some yarns that she was wanting to try and she dyed me a skein of yarn. She has told me that the colors will get a little brighter if I let the yarn sit int he stash a bit. And given the state of my stash, this skein will sit a bit.

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