Daily Archives: June 8, 2007

Happy Happy Day!!!!!

Today is a happy happy day and not just because it is Friday. I received a phone about 9 this morning that all of the tests have beens reviewed and hand graded. After a careful review in College Park, there were 13 or 14 questions that were deemed invalid so all answers were accepted for those questions. And all of the tests were hand graded this morning. With the changes, I passed with a 72!!!! With the changes, all of us passed. There are 3 people in the class who have to retest because their scores were raised to the retest level. So that really made my weekend.

When I checked my email this morning, there was my invite to Ravelry in there. So you can guess where I will be spending some of my time. Okay, make that a lot of time filling in everything. I am very scared to see my sock yarn stash in there. But I have some one I can blame my stash size on since she seems to like adding to my stash.

And since it is so hot here today already, I will post a photo of where I would rather be today. Yes, playing in the water again. I am seriously of going kayaking this summer again. I need to test my shoulder out. An I would get to play in the water. Or maybe I will go fishing this weekend. I guess I had better get a fishing license first.



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