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Summer Knitty

Summer Knitty is up!!!! Go on over and check it out!!!!

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Found – One Floor

Well, one really big advantage of Ravelry is that I am going through my stash again. And this is my entire stash. And I have also discovered that there really is a floor in my sewing room/studio. Although the fabric that was on the floor did make for some nice insulation…..

But the fabric has been put back up the shelves. And the yarn in there is a little bit better organized. And I have decided that the shelves in there need to go. I also need to reorganize the fabric and either use it or sell it or trade it. At least I had already decided before this that I need to repaint that room. If I make it nice and cozy, I can add a nice cushy chair in there where I can sit and knit or do hand work in the winter. Photos will follow soon. I still need to do just a little bit of cleaning still in there. You know things like sweeping and maybe a little bit of dusting…..

I also realize that I do not have as many projects on the needles as I thought I did. And I am going to try and finish one or two before starting a new one. Although there is a lace project calling out to me. But I have to buy the pattern first. I thought I already had the pattern but I do not so I have to wait until tomorrow when I can get to my LYS.

I also spent time reading. I am taking part in the Harry Potter Read Along where we are re-reading all six books in order leading up to Book 7. I started and finished Book 1 already. I have Book 2 to start tonight while I wait for some one. I am supposed to meet some one tonight for coffee and will have to wait. So I will read while I wait. This is some one I know from the fire service but I only know him from the fire ground. But I have two friends who are going to send me SMS messages at predetermined times just in case I need them.

And there was knitting happening as well. But the photos will have to wait until I frog and reknit the heel for my Monkey. It would help matters if I checked and made sure I was using the same size needles. I switched over to long dpns for the heel and I ended up using 3s and didn’t catch it right away. So photos of the Monkey progress tomorrow or Wednesday. Instead I will leave you with photos of the garden. There are blossoms on the cherry tomato plant and jalepeno peppers on the vine as well.


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