Knitter’s Tea Swap

p6120031.jpgI received in the mail today a truly wonderful swap package for the Knitter’s Tea Swap 3. This time around, you knew who your partner was and what made it really neat is that the person who had you is the person that you had. My partner this time was Michelle of Insanknitty. I am still waiting on one item to arrive before I mail her package. The shop said it should be in early next week so cross your fingers that it arrives on time. It is an item that they normally stock but she had just sold the last one in stock. I have everything else ready to mail to her but for the last missing piece. And it is kind of a crucial item. So Michelle, your’s will be on the way as soon as the missing item arrives.

So what was in the package? Plenty. There was yarn for a new pair of socks. The yarn is Lorna’s Laces in Envy and the pattern for the Whiskers and Paw Prints socks by Theresa of The Keyboard Biologist.


There was a lovely tea towel in blues. A nice little note book to jot down design ideas. A package of tea napkins with tea cups on them. There were two different tea scented/flavored lip balms. A packet of lovely green tissues which will come in handy since my grass allergies are kicking up. A nice bar of Ghirardelli bittersweet chocolate. A neat little tin of green tea mints that came in a nice little round container that can hold stitch markers when it is empty. The flavor is lively lemon grass and they are shaped like tea leaves. There were also two magazines to read in the box. They are Tea Time by Southern Lady and Southern Lady magazine which I have never seen before. Two nice stirrers that are really honey but they could be honey lollipops…….


There were several wrapped packages as well. They contained a tin of McVitie’s Hob Nobs which are a milk chocolate tea biscuit from the UK. There is also a packet of Cadbury Rich Tea biscuits. IN the little green Chinese take out box was a set of 4 tea pot stitch markers. There was also a jar of Gallberry Bee Blessed Pure Honey from a local bee keeper in North Carolina near her house.

And since this was a tea swap, there was tea in the package. There was a box of Barry’s Tea from Ireland. This is the good stuff from Ireland. There were two packages of tea from her local tea room The Pineapple Tea Room. The first tea was Tibetan Tiger black tea. The second one is the house blend called Salem Street Blend. I will be trying these teas in the next day or two. Thank you Michelee!!!!


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3 responses to “Knitter’s Tea Swap

  1. Ooooh I’m so glad it arrived.. 🙂

    I do hope you enjoy it… I’ve had the tibetan tiger before and it’s fabulous…. 🙂 I’ve heard wonderful things about the Salem Street blend, and the Irish (Barry’s) is my favorite… just brings back so many memories for me… sadly I couldn’t get it loose leaf, just in the bags …

    Wow.. I just realized how ‘shy’ the package was of knitting.. yikes! I thought the sock pattern was so cute, and looked complex enough for a seasoned sock knitter like yourself 🙂 Please post a picture whenever you knit them up! 🙂

  2. Wow, that’s quite a haul! Good on you!

  3. Suz

    Oh, that sounds like a completely lovely package. Yum. You are one lucky Gal!