Finally Rain

p6130012.jpg We finally got some good rain yesterday evening. It has been pretty dry here in Maryland. We have had showers but nothing that really amounted to much. But yesterday afternoon, we had a really good thunderstorm followed by much needed rain. It only amounted to about an inch but still it soaked in. Of course, thunderstorms means lighting strikes and winds. But my area didn’t have any problems. Nearby, there were several possible lighting strikes that the fire company assisted with but they amounted to nothing.

But yesterday was also the farmer’s market in my town. My small town last year started its own farmer’s market on Wednesdays. It went well enough that they are doing it again this year. And the nice thing about this farmer’s market is that it is in the evening and runs until 7 pm. Most of the farmer’s markets around here are either in the early morning or late afternoon and close before most people can get to them. This one is still small but that is fine. The location is another plus. It is in a town park and the park just happens to have been a farm in a past life. The town has preserved the farmhouse and the barn as part of the agreement with the family that donated the land. The open fields are fields for baseball, football, soccer, and even a small golf course. There are supposed to be some walking trails over there but I have never gone on them. I will have to ask the guys I know on the town maintenance crews for specifics on the walking trails.


I went yesterday just before the storm broke. I went and talked to a friend or two who was also there and supported the 4-H trip fund. And did a little bit of shopping. There are not too many vendors there so I still have to go to the one Saturday mornings. But I like my local one best. I also tend to shop at the co-op since I know I can buy organic local produce there.And what did I buy? The photo speaks for itself.



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6 responses to “Finally Rain

  1. Are those cookies in front of the radishes? I’m afraid I’d have to go for those first. Not big on radishes at my house.

  2. Suz

    Very cool. We might have to check that out sometime.

    We’re off to Hanover tonight for the niece’s softball game.

  3. Lovely. Wish our farmers markets were later here also. Most of them seem to be in the morning and a lot of them are during the week when I can’t get to them. Don’t you just love them though??

  4. rain. i love it. and we’re at that point where we have a little shower every afternoon — so nice to break the heat!

  5. What park is the farmer’s market in. The next time we are in town we will have to go and get some fresh produce…that’s alway best.

  6. Sounds (and looks) fabulous! I love going to the farmer’s market, but I don’t go as often as I would like anymore, so I signed up to have organic (partly local) fruit and veggie boxes delivered to my apt every Saturday.

    There’s always an interesting surprise or two. I still have some kale left from last Saturday’s box.