Daily Archives: June 18, 2007

The Heat is Here

Summer arrived a few weeks early. And two of the 3 Hs of Maryland summer’s are here already – heat and humidity. The haze hasn’t been seen yet. I did spend part of Saturday as one of two people at a sit and knit. I came home with a new book but I am going to be sending it on to some one who can really use it to knit for her kids. So that is all I will saw about the new book. But it is a really good book for children’s knitting.


I also went over to a friend’s house Saturday night for a party. It was supposed to be a BYOB but I of course brought some food. I made a bruschetta/tomato salad right before I went over. My friend was trying out some new recipes on everyone. Everyone loved the food and we just sat around on her back porch and enjoyed ourselves. (The recipe for the bruschetta is over on the recipe page in case you want to try it.)

I spend most of Sunday over at the same friend’s house on the back porch knitting. Her husband had made some plans for Father’s Day so she and I just sat on her back porch and knit together. She managed to get a pair baby socks knitted and finished. Her daughter kept checking our progress by popping in and out of the house. For some reason, a three year old had better sense than we did by staying in the air conditioning. But it was actually pretty nice on the porch so we stayed. We later took a walk around down town Frederick where she lives. So instead of knitting photos, I will leave you with some interesting photos that I took yesterday evening.


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