Proof that I Knit

Okay, it is proof that I knit something other than socks. I am taking a very short break form socks until the Summer of Socks starts tomorrow. Although I do need to prep one thing tonight. Since I do most of my socks toe up, I normally have 2 or 3 dpns with my crocheted provisional cast on in my sock tool bag. And right now, I have exactly zero prepared dpns. I like having them ready to go so I can start when I am ready. So I will be be prepping a few dpns tonight. Sock yarn will not touch these needles until tomorrow.

I feel in love with the Wisp pattern in the new Knitty and I was surprised to find that I had a skein of Kid Silk Haze in my stash. One of the benefits of Ravelry is that I have been spending some time in my stash. Since this is a yarn that I have never used and given that I am not a huge fan of mohair, I decided to give the yarn a try. I have cast on for Wisp and will doing it using only one skein of the yarn. I have decided to make a change to the pattern though. I am not doing the eyelets along the long sides of the scarf. I may do this pattern again and will see how the pattern looks finished first. So far so good. I had to frog once and changed my needles to something with a sharper point but I am now in the third repeat.


I also started a baby blanket for a friend who is pregnant. She is still just a little bit pregnant so I have plenty of time to finish the baby blanket as in at least six months. One of my LYSs is having their anniversary sale so I picked up some Encore and started the Ribbons Baby Blanket pattern from Fiber Trends. It is a super simple pattern and actually goes pretty fast. I am almost at the end of the first skein and ready to start the second. I may have to pick up some more Encore in a Project Spectrum colorway and knit a second one. I chose a color that is good for when you are not sure whether the baby is a boy or girl for the first one. Maybe I can do one in a chunky weight and give it to my youngest nephew for Christmas…. I have yet to make him a quilt but a knitted afghan would be the same thing. p6190002.jpg


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6 responses to “Proof that I Knit

  1. That’s a beautiful blanket! I hadn’t seen that pattern before.

  2. Pretty ambitious trying something other than socks!

  3. I just love both patterns! I have some Kidsilk Haze marinating in my stash, and this might be a good use for it. I must admit that I like mohair quite a bit.

    I’m going to a new yarn store this afternoon, and I’ll be on the lookout for the blanket pattern.

  4. Ok… I am shocked the sock kit has no dpns in it currently???? There is just something wrong about that statement. Wrong I tell you… The blanket pattern is pretty cool, I love the photo of it in red.

    So what needles did you end up using for wisp??? Inquiring minds need to know.

  5. Suz

    I already knew that you knit things other than socks. 😉

    I checked out the pattern for the baby blanket, very cute! I’ll look forward to seeing how far along yours is when we meet for group next time!

  6. That kid silk haze is so pretty!