Time for Socks

Okay, the summer of socks started this morning. And yes, I am in the process of casting on a brand new pair. I am casting on for the June sock for the Sockamania Club Knit-a-long. I am doing the toe-up version. Imagine me doing a toe up sock!!! My favorite method. And I am using the Panda Cotton in Picnic for these socks.

Yesterday was a good mail day since I received my June package for the Rockin’ Sock Club. I love the colorway this time. Anything with the name Fire in it has to be a good color for me. And the notes this time mention that the patterns submitted for this year are mostly toe up. And since I like toe up that is no problem for me. But based on some of the comments on the Club blog, there are people out there with issues with toe up socks. I am willing to try different techniques and take a chance on trying new colors that I normally wouldn’t buy. That is why I love sock clubs.

And speaking of sock clubs, I am going to give a brief mention to a new sock club out there. This is a sock club that one of my LYS is offering. The shop is Eleganza Yarns. I promised to give the club on my blog so here it is. The club offers six kits of exclusive hand dyed sock yarn dyed by a Maryland dyer. This yarn is not even offered in the shop and will not be for a full year after the color is delivered in the kit. There will six exclusive sock patterns as well. All of the details can be found on the shop’s website. And yes, I will be doing this club since it is local. And no, I am not getting anything in exchange for mentioning this other than trying to get more people into the club. And I am lucky enough to have had a preview of the first yarn dyed for the club. And that is the photo for today since I was lazy and didn’t take any other photos. p6150005.jpg


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6 responses to “Time for Socks

  1. So…how many people are they accepting into their sock club?

  2. beth

    BAD- dont tempt me!!!! 😉
    i LOVE this months STR yarn! the pattern does look good also. looking forward to seeing people get started on theirs- i am halfway thru a pair of embossed leaves using my MSW yarn from Tess- so will have another week before i get to STR.

  3. It’s tempting, but there’s no way I could do a sock club.

    It’s the almighty dollar.

  4. Suz

    Me too. Sock clubs are way out of my budget. If money was no object, i’d sign up for any i could find. I love socks!

    I cast on my SOS sock at 5:05amEST. LOL! I’m a dork!

  5. Oh! I’d love to hear your opinion on the Panda Cotton, and to see how much you knit up in the summer of socks–can you believe I missed the deadline?

  6. I love Eleganza! They’re my favorite MD yarn store, and so nice!