Garden Eye Candy

I noticed last night that I finally have some cherry tomatoes on the vine. The flowers have been there but I missed the tiny baby tomatoes. And my nephew might actually have a pepper or two ready to eat when he gets back from buying me some mouse ears. Hopefully he brings me back something really interesting. And given that he is a13 year old boy with a very warped sense of humor, who knows what he will bring me! And yes, he did promise to bring me something.



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3 responses to “Garden Eye Candy

  1. Since I’ve already been through one thirteen year old boy and soon will have a second 13 yo, well I have to say they are a particular delight. Grimy, grungy, smelly and weird as they are!

  2. mmmm…we adore tomato in just about any way — off the vine, in a sauce, in pico, etc.

    love the new banner!

  3. Yum! Cherry tomatoes! There’s nothing better than a tomato (cherry or otherwise) hot (literally) off the vine. Thanks for posting about the sock club that Eleganza is doing. I’ll check it out. Maybe I’ll join. Even though I publicly pledged on my blog to henceforth knit from my stash. But as Wendy says, sock yarn doesn’t count. Right?