Farmer’s Markets and Yarns

This past weekend was busy. Saturday was bust getting my hair cut and the copper-y reds from sun exposure toned down. Than the usual Saturday errands of Borders, the local co-op, and such. (Yes, I visit Borders at least once a week. I read that much sometimes.) I did manage to swing by one of my LYSs to pick up some yarn to finish a baby blanket.

Sunday was the better day of the weekend though because I was going to DC. Well, actually Takoma Park which is both a Washington, DC neighborhood and a Maryland town. I was headed down there to pick up some lace yarn not only for myself but two friends who are unable to find this particular lace yarn in their towns. Malabrigo lace weight is hard to find apparently. But I did find one shop in Maryland that had it and it was close enough to visit.

When I called the shop to see if they had the lace weight yarn, I was told yes they had just received an order of it in so my timing was really good. When I asked about their hours, I was told the hours for both Saturday and Sunday. But I was also told that the Takoma Park Farmer’s Market was held right outside their front door on Sundays. And the words farmer’s market sealed the deal. I was going down there Sunday.

So Sunday morning bright and earl, I was headed for DC. I picked up Metro at the end of the Red Line closest to me which is Shady Grove. I had about a 45 minute ride which meant time for knitting at least part of the way. It is tourist season in DC so Metro can get crowded the closer you get to DC.

I was told that the shop and the market were 3 blocks from the Metro station. And sure enough, it was easy to find. I came prepared and had a huge bag that I use for toting all sorts of stuff around with me. I hit the farmer’s market first. I bought items that I normally do not see in the farmers’ markets in my area. I bought rainbow chard, mesclun mix with plenty of baby beet leaves and baby chard leaves, jams, garlic, cucumbers, and some stuff for a swap since it was local. I also decided to try some new things. I have never been a fan of beets or fennel so I bought some baby beets and some fennel. I am going to roast the beets tonight and turn them into a cold salad. (I tried a cold beet salad recently that was really good. I tried it because a friend and I were sampling each other’s salads.) I took the fennel to another friend Sunday night and she fixed it for me to try. She is Arabic and her family likes to eat it raw along with celery, carrots, and other vegetables with a dip made of sour cream. I can say that I did try it but the taste is not something that I really like.


So with a heavy bag of fresh veggies, I headed into the yarn shop. It turned out to not really be a yarn shop but a very interesting store that had a very eclectic range of items and a nice little corner full of yarn. And the yarn selection was really nice. I found yarn for all three of us. But I couldn’t decide between two different colors for me so I bought myself two different colors of the lace weight yarn. I also give a quick lesson in toe up socks to one of the store employees while I was there. She is trying to learn how to knit socks.


After heading back to Metro, I decided that I would stop at Sticky Fingers Bakery which meant changing trains. I had heard about the bakery from a few different vegetarian magazines plus Madam Sprite wrote about it awhile back. But it was worth it. I bought some of the Sticky Cinnamon Buns and 2 Little Devils. I am now planning on making my own vegan cinnamon buns. They were that good. Of course that doesn’t mean I won’t be back to the bakery since there are other items I want to try…..

Going down to DC made me realize just how much I miss the city but at the same time, I live close enough to go down for day trips or dinner. But if I had to live in the city, Takoma Park would be the type of neighborhood that I could live in easily. And I will be going back but I plan to wait until the weather cools a bit. Summer has hit the mid-Atlantic and that means hot, hazy, and humid. I don’t mind the heat but traipsing around the city on a hot day is not always my idea of fun.



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5 responses to “Farmer’s Markets and Yarns

  1. Susan

    Ooooh, pretty blue! I love that color.

  2. Oh man, that laceweight is gorgeous. THAT’S goin’ on my after-diet list!!!

    Minnesota feels like DC this week. Yuk.

  3. The Jewel Blue yarn is gorgeous! Thank you so much, Mia. It sounds like a great day. I picked up some rainbow chard over the weekend, too (a first for me), and made the Chard & Ravioli recipe from Andrea Chesman’s Garden Fresh Vegetable Cookbook. It turned out quite well!

  4. Suz

    I love beets. The chard you bought looks really yummy. And fresh, locally grown garlic? Oh, my!

    It was too hot to cook tonight so we made a nice big salad.

    Crap! I should have given you some laceweight money! LOL! I adore laceweight.

    Love your pictures, looks like it was a really interesting Farmer’s Market.

  5. Fennel is really good on the grill. I also have done some sautes and other cooking things with them. I like it better cooked than raw, so you might like it that way as well.