Eye Candy Friday

Well, my post today was going to be about some knitting but what I received in the mail. I am in a few sock clubs. Okay, I am in 5 sock clubs. There the truth is out, I am truly addicted to sock clubs. And in today’s m ail, when I saw that I had 2 package slips, I didn’t think twice about it because I am expecting an order of sock yarn for a secret project that I am doing. I didn’t even realize until I got back to work that the package I thought was my order was actually my first club shipment from the Sundara Petals Collection. Thank you Priscilla!!!!! (She gave me the subscription as a surprise present. She is a fantastic friend to have help support your sock yarn addiction.)

The flower for this month’s theme in Sundara’s Petal Collection is actually a flower that I find the scent of offensive. But the colors are pretty. The flower is the grape hyacinth. The changes in the yarn color are very subtle but I like them. It will be interesting to see the colors change as the yarn is knit up. And the pattern is pretty as well. The cables create the look of the flower. So the pattern will be interesting to knit up as well


The second package was my package from Scout’s Swag. This month’s package included a pattern by Cookie A. that looks like it will be a challenge. And Cookie created this pattern exclusively for the yarn. The colors in the yarn are hard to describe but I think they are more of an aqua-marine. Whether the yarn and the pattern will be used together remains to be seen.


And just as a sign that I have not forgotten my Monkey socks, I am finally getting around to picking up the gusset stitches on sock 1. Remember that I am normally a toe up sock knitter so picking up these stitches is not something that I can do without thinking. Short rows don’t require much thinking or time for me to get done. But gussets are still a little scary.


And yes, Suz, I will try to remember to bring both yarns with me tomorrow so you can fondle them.


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2 responses to “Eye Candy Friday

  1. Emy

    When Scout said that Cookie had designed the yarn too, I just knew it was going to be some sort of blue-green tealy color. I’m going to walk to the PO today, but I’d almost bet that I don’t get my Indy Swag package…I wish I knew what I’d done to make them mad at me, so I could freakin’ apologize, because it takes FOREVER for mail to get to me (box or house, doesn’t matter.). *sigh*

  2. That yarn is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!