Go Help Digit

I don’t know how many of you actually read Rachael’s blog over at Yarn-A-Go-Go but if you have a cat or any other pet, you need to go and read the story of Digit the wonder cat. Four months ago, Digit disappeared. Rachael thought that he might have died.

But the other night, he showed up. Digit has been gone four months and in that time, he has had a rough life. Digit is spending some very unhappy at the vet’s right now. He has to gain a little strength before he can go home. But he is facing some major medical bills for some surgeries that will fix a few of the problems that are the result of his mystery trip. Go on over and read his story and donate to his vet fund. Every penny matters.

If you have a pet, you know how much vet bills can run for normal things. But the bills that Rachael and Lala are looking at are going to be pretty high because of everything that it is going to take to get Digit back on his paws healthy wise.

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