Happy July 4th

A day early, but I get to see fire works tonight. Happy July 4th!!!! This week is carnival week and I am working every night in the food building. (I am assigned to ride a piece of apparatus every night so I have to be working in a booth some where on the carnival grounds.) So blogging this week will be very light. Working 5 to 6 hours every night in a busy booth leaves no knitting time.

This year, my 13 year old nephew is helping out for the first time in the food building. As much as he likes to goof around, he is a hard worker. He made life a little bit easier last night by helping me out with keeping everything filled that needed to be filled.He will be there tonight to help again and he will be trying to see how much money he can get out of me for rides and such. Last night the only money he got from me was to buy a funnel cake. And the money to buy a cupcake of which he ate only the frosting. The funnel cake booth was selling deep fried Oreos and he must of had some money of his own since he brought back my funnel cake and the deep fried Oreos. I tried the Oreos and all I can say is give me regular Oreos any day.

And since my nephew has my camera with the photos of the Oreos, you will have to wait a day or two for the photos of these wonderful tasty items. (He claims they are wonderful and tsty.)



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2 responses to “Happy July 4th

  1. Happy 4th of July to you as well! Hope you get lots of enjoyment, and few problems come to your attention! (ie – no people burning off their fingers or anything)

    (I don’t imagine deep fried Oreos taste good.)

  2. Happy 4th to you too!