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July 3 Fireworks

I spent yesterday knitting and working in the garden. My neighbor let me come up and pick blackberries off his bushes. I ended up picking almost 13 pints of blackberries yesterday. I will be picking again on Saturday morning hopefully. It depends on the weather. He has 3 different rows of blackberries and he told me to pick every other day. I love blueberries and raspberries but blackberries are my favorite. There are 10 pints in the freezer that were frozen for later. I gave 1 pint to my mother and I will be giving 1 pint to the neighbor next door who can not get out and pick her own. I also picked my first little handful of beans yesterday. I will ave to be checking the beans everyday since they can be hard to find. Green on green means hunting for me.


Carnival looks like it will be decent year this year. The new ride vendor we are using offered a really good deal for ride all nite tickets. If you bought them in June you only paid $8 versus the full $20 price. And we also have $5 off coupons that we have been handing out this week. I am in the food building all week as the runner and fill in where ever it is needed including cooking. It is a little scary that I am cooking hot dogs and I have never eaten a hot dog in my life. Wait, maybe I did a long time ago but not in say the last 10 years or so.

The deep fried Oreos are a hit among the male species apparently. Not only does my nephew love them but I say my chief with two bowls of them last night. He now has the recipe so he can make his own.

We do fireworks always on July 3 and later in the week. (We never compete with the fireworks show hosted by the City of Frederick.) My nephew had my camera Tuesday night and took photos for me. He also took a video of the grand finale for me. THe video and more photos are up on my fire company photo album.



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