Happy Happy Joy Joy

I went to the post to find a nice little package with a return address of Hawaii. The package was from no other than Joy of dynamiteknits @ circle + six. She sent me a really cute package. First of all the tissue paper is extra special because it is slipper!!! No, those are not flip flops. They are Hawaiian slippers.


There is a nice little package of Kona coffee. The flavor is Kona Sunrise. It is a little bit too hot here right now to even think of hot drinks but it will be savored on day when it is much cooler. There is a nice little package of Macadamia Nut Shortbread from Kauai Kookie. And these babies will not be shared with anyone. I love macadamia nuts!!! In addition to the coffee, there are some tea bags from the Hawaiian Tea Company. The flavor is Passion Fruit Na Pali black tea. Lilikoi is a wonderful flavor and it is probably my all time favorite tropical taste. One taste and I think I am back in Hawaii or somewhere on a Pacific island.


In the bottom of the box was some lychee fruit candy. Operative word being was. Another favorite flavor is lychee. And Joy included two things of her favorite chocolate pudding. I had forgotten but she hadn’t that she had said that she would give me her chocolate snack pack for help with Ravelry.


I have finally recovered from carnival, I think. I left early the last night because the heat finally got to me. The temperatures here have been extremely high and after being stuck behind the hot steamer for a few days, I was not feeling so hot. So I left early and went home to stay in the air conditioned comfort of my house.

I did pick more blackberries Sunday morning and froze them. I also made some banana bread. It helps to read the recipe and realize that when you are doubling it, you will only end up with one loaf instead of two. But it still tasted good.


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4 responses to “Happy Happy Joy Joy

  1. What a thoughtful care package! Reminds me of when we lived overseas and my mom would send surprise packages now and then. Nice.

    Nothing like warm banana bread – mmm.

  2. What a great package! Enjoy!

  3. I love the slippers… Sounds so much nicer than flip flops.

  4. joy

    hey! i’m glad you liked everything (and even happier that the snackpack didn’t burst on the trip over ^_^). if you’re ever in need of a refill feel free to ask!

    ps – wasn’t that lychee candy to die for! that was totally an impulse buy.