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Sock Progress Finally

Okay, maybe the heat has turned my mind into mush but I just haven’t really felt like knitting socks lately. Okay Priscilla, close your mouth because I know that you have been feeling the same way. It is hot when you do not want to knit even socks.

But I have been working on socks just very slowly. Carnival week and the heat that week took a toll on my. And of course, the fact that it is blackberry season doesn’t help. I am up way to early every other day to pick blackberries. Yesterday, the grand total was 20 pints of blackberries!!!! And I didn’t even pick all of the ripe ones. I have been freezing the bulk of what I pick so far. I only keep out a few pint baskets for a select group of friends who are unable to pick their own. I am planning on making blackberry jam once the weather cools down. Jams will make great Christmas presents. (I am going to pick blueberries this weekend and freeze them for jam as well.)

But I have been working on socks for the summer of socks. My Monkey socks do not count since they were started prior to the start of Summer of Socks. But my Sockapoolza 4 socks do count. I am working on both socks at once so that they match. I have turned the heel for both of them so I am in the home stretch for them. Legs are easy; I will just knit until I run out of yarn or get bored – which ever comes first.


I do have another pair (or two) started for the Summer of Socks but I forgot to pull them out and take their photos. One advantage to using my mint bed as a photo prop is that the socks do smell good afterwards. I need to get busy and add more of the sock yarn stash to Ravelry so photos of the other socks should be up soon. One huge advantage of going through the stash is that I am really giving all of the yarn a hard look and not just the sock yarns. I either need to start knitting up some of the sweater yarn or get rid of it is what I have decided. Decisions, decisions.


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