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Still Blushing

p7170001.jpg Niki over at Halfway Down the Stairs nominated me for a Rockin’ Girl Blogger award. And I am still blushing over the nomination. I will be posting my nominations tomorrow. So look out everyone…..

But in the mean time, I picked yet more blackberries yesterday. Yeah, I know I pick blackberries almost every day now. But the bushes are loaded. I have about 30 quarts in the freezer.

I have been holding back only a few berries to use for breakfast with my yogurt. And my yogurt is not just plain vanilla yogurt with berries. I happen to love Swiss muesli. I am actually very picky about my muesli and only eat the one from Bio-Familia from Switzerland. I will take a big container of vanilla yogurt and dump it into a container and add some of the cereal. I mix it up and put a lid on it and refrigerate it at least overnight. I take a little bit out each morning and add fruit and sometimes a little bit more yogurt. I have been known to add a tiny bit of brown sugar to my portion. The nicest part about my breakfast is that I can mix up enough to eat all week and I do not have to think about it every morning.

But yesterday, I was wanting to do something with the berries that I had picked. So I decided to make a cobbler. The recipe I decided to make had to be a vegan one simply because I did not have any eggs in the house. Nor did I have any milk except for soy. So I managed to find a vegan blackberry cobbler recipe and made it. Of course, I had to add some fresh nutmeg and cinnamon to the dough batter. And I was pure evil and sent some one a SMS message with a photo attached. I liked the cobbler and it was delicious. And yes, I will be making the recipe again. Just one note if you decide to make it and that is that I have found vegan baking to produce a crumb that is not as tender as conventional baking. But the taste is fantastic!!!!



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