Spoiler Free

Until I finish the Deathly Hallows, posting will be sporadic. I am just know getting ready to read it. I had another book to finish first. Plus, I want to start reading it so I will know what happens but at the same time I do not want to start it since it is the last book. But in the mean time, I have posted photos from the release party at my local Border’s Friday night over on Flickr.

Until I finish reading, there will be photos for posts so enjoy. For today’s photos, click on over to the set on Flickr.


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4 responses to “Spoiler Free

  1. Tell me about it. I was just hanging out on Livejournal this morning and clicked on someone’s post, scrolled down a bit and saw they were talking about the Epilogue. I couldn’t hit that little X fast enough to close it.

    I was cool with reading speculation, but now that we have the real book, I’m keeping myself shuttered away from all the Potter talk.

  2. joy

    i’m right with you, mia. ^_^ i can’t wait to finish!

  3. Loved the photos! Thanks for sharing. Makes me wish I would have gone. 😦