Rainy Weekend

The mid-Atlantic has needed rain and we got it this weekend. Saturday, the air was so thick that you could literally cut it with a knife. I went to the farmers market and was done shopping in 15 minutes. You did not want to be out in the air any longer than you had to. Normally after the Saturday farmers market, I would put my produce in the cooler and run a few other errands on that side of town before going home. Not this Saturday. Instead, I came home first and put the produce away before going back out to finish the errands.

One thing I managed to get a good deal on at the market was several pints of cherry tomatoes. These tiny bites are so versatile. I use them in stir fires, salads, and a snack. I even used some Friday night to make a stir fry out of cherry tomatoes and green beans from the garden. I also used my first tiny eggplant. My eggplant bush produces miniature eggplants. So there really is an eggplant in the photo. But it only amounted to 4 small pieces when I quartered the eggplant. If you check out the photo on Flickr, you can see the note I placed on the bite of eggplant.


I did learn to finally read a crochet pattern on Saturday though. I am currently making a few granny squares in a worsted weight yarn to get some crochet practice. The plan is to make a few squares in left over sock yarn. The idea is to find a practical use for leftover sock yarn. And granny squares work. Once I have a few squares done in the worsted weight, I will post them.

Saturday night, the skies finally opened. With the lighting, the night sky was as bright as daylight. And the rain poured down. Instead of staying inside, I went out under a porch roof and took a movie of it instead. Even under the porch roof, I was getting wet.



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4 responses to “Rainy Weekend

  1. sounds like a nice, quiet weekend! those little tomatos look heavenly :o)

  2. Suz

    Yummerz, those tomatoes look fantastic.

  3. You wrote “stir fires.” I guess we know where your mind is at…. 🙂