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Lazy Weekend

I wish it was going to be a lazy weekend. But I will be spending most of the weekend in my studio sewing. I am going to be piecing and machine quilting a few smaller quilts. Hopefully, I will have something to show next week. And yes, I will be knitting too. I also need to start getting stuff together for next weekend when I have two fire prevention appearances at two different churches. I need to put together some bags for the kids.

I do plan to take a small break and get my hair cut and a pedicure. I love pedicures so I try to get them at least twice a month. My feet feel so happy afterwards. I am planning on running down to a quilt store about 15 minutes from me to see what they have for Halloween fabrics. I am wanting to make a quilt that I saw that used 120 different novelty fabrics. I know some one who thinks the only holiday worth anything is Halloween. So I want to try and make this quilt for her. And yes, she knows about it since she is helping me find the fabrics.

Mimi has already started her rest and relaxation for the long weekend. She only asks that you do not disturb her unless you are planning on feeding her shrimp.


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Yet More Quilt Lovelies

Okay, there really is some knitting going on again but I just keep finding quilts to pull out and photograph. And last night, my oldest nephew decided that he wanted another quilt for Christmas. And since making him a quilt means that he will not be asking for electronics from me, I will make a quilt for him.

My nephew started looking at patterns on-line last night and found one that he liked. It is actually a very sophisticated look. The quilt pattern is very linear and done in black and white prints with a splash of red. He wants it done strictly in white and black to try and create an optical illusion. But he will let me pick the fabric so long as we stay with black and white prints. He would prefer that I not use any other colors in it. But I may go with an electric blue for the accent color instead of red. He said that all I need to have done by Christmas is the top. He will wait for the actual quilting since he wants to go to the fabric store and pick out his backing. The thing to keep in mind is that this is a thirteen year old boy. I will start pulling together fabrics for his quilt soon.

His sister wants something that has either pink, purple, or blue in it. She found a pattern that she liked in a magazine but she also likes an Amy Butler design. The design is is the Lotus Brick Path which is a traditional design. I am planning on making this quilt out of some wonderful pale pink and green fabric my local quilt shop has in stock right now. I am sure that she will go for it. If not,, I will have anew quilt that I like.

The youngest nephew doesn’t care what he gets. But at two, he really doesn’t care. He was chattering away to me last night. I know that it had something to do with Elmo since he kept saying Elmo and he was watching Elmo while we were having this conversation. So his quilt will be the easiest since I just need to make it bright and toddler friendly.

I did perform a quilt rescue last night though. My oldest nephew has several quilts. Most of them were made for other members of his family but has acquired them. I am wanting to photograph all of the quilts so I took one home with me last night. He has has the quilt since he was 7 and it is in really good shape given that it is used daily and well loved. JT picked all of the fabrics for this quilt and the design. It is a variation of a traditional 9-patch and the fabrics in it are reproduction fabrics from the late 1800s. I mixed up the 9-patch blocks with some plaid squares. The quilt gets its name from the backing fabrics. He picked out fabric with cowboy fabrics on it. He also liked a fabric that had chili peppers on it. So the quilt is the Cowboy Quilt. I am going to resew the binding again before I give it back to JT. The binding is loose in spots but that is the only damage to the quilt. I will be getting the rest of the quilts back shortly to photograph them and make any needed repairs.


The knitting that I have been working on is a sweater that has been on the needles since last fall. What is sad is that this sweater is knit on US 17s! And I just can’t seem to get it finished. But the sleeves were done first since they were my gauge swatch. The back is almost done and I am working on the front now. The problem is that I am lengthening the sweater since the original design is cropped. So regardless of the fact that I am using size 17 needles, it is still 17 inches of stockinette stitch.

And just a note that most of the quilts that I have finished up lately have been sitting in my stash just needing a few things to finish up the piecing. But the September Doll Quilt Challenge was done in less than a week. I am going to hand quilt this one since I have the time. And the other one for today is a mini that is fused appliqué based traditional Hawaiian appliqué designs. The difference is that I made them in miniature. So for my own sanity, I used fusible appliqué for the design. And since this is strictly a wall quilt, I am not worried about it too much. I have another traditional Hawaiian appliqué in the stash that I have started appliquéing the design.

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Healing But Busy

My hand is pretty well healed today. Which is surprising considering how it felt and looked yesterday. But just because I couldn’t knit doesn’t mean that I couldn’t work on anything last night. I was able to sew. So I worked on piecing together my doll quilt for the September Doll Quilt Challenge over on Flickr.

This one is coming together really fast. And the only fabric that I had to buy was the sashing fabric. I wanted to go with a spring look but I didn’t have the right shade of green that would work with my scraps. I bought what was needed for the pattern plus a quarter of a yard extra. The extra is to add to my green fabrics.


I did run a fire call last night though. Right behind my house is a spot where there are quite a few accidents. And a call went out last night right before ten pm for a truck fire. So I grabbed the keys and the camera and walked around the corner. I did not touch any hose line. All I did was take the photos. So here are a two of the ones from last night.


I also received an order for two doll quilts for Christmas so I will need to find the right fabrics for these quilts. And I am working on a quilt that may turn out to be for P‘s husband. I really don’t want him “borrowing” her quilt because he is freezing. Domestic harmony is nice.


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No Knitting for a Few Days or Ouchie

This weekend was spend partially in the studio. I managed to put together a scrap quilt for P. I used left over scraps from a long ago flannel project. I had to cut exactly two additional squares to make the quilt the perfect lap size. It is going to keep her warm when she is working late at night in the middle of the winter. And, her husband had better not think of stealing it. I may make him one too. Someday down the line.


I also received an order for two quilts. My niece has requested a quilt for her American Girl Doll and one for herself. She has a few already but somehow they end up on her older brother’s bed. He has even taken the pink one. He may keep his room a disaster area but, all of the quilts can be found folded neatly on his bed. I agreed to make her quilts so long as she learns to quilt. She is going to quilt her doll quilt using perle cotton. And I get to pick the colors and fabric. But there has to be some purple and blue in the quilt.

I started the blocks for the September doll quilt challenge since I had the fabric in the stash. I did buy fabric for the sashing since I didn’t have anything that worked for the look I was going for. Photos of that will follow shortly.

I also made a phone call today and spoke with a local machine quilter who does wonderful work. I will be dropping off a quilt or two to her over the weekend. I am not picky about my quilting. I like simple designs and I am very familiar with her work. The best part is that her turn around time is about 2 weeks for smaller quilts. Smaller quilts to her means twin size or smaller. I am going to start with two smaller quilts that are basically large lap quilts. I need to iron the backing for one of the ones. I need to dig out backing for the other. I am actually looking forward to putting the binding on these quilts.

But knitting and probably quilting will be taking a few days off. I was pulling my hot water out of the microwave this morning for my tea. And I spilled it. All down the palm of my hand. Right now, it looks like three big red stitches. But I can finally move the palm of my hand without it hurting too much.

Ouch Later

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Quilt Friday

Last night I managed to finish piecing my August Doll Quilt Challenge. And the finished top is well under the 30-inch-by-30-inch requirements. I was going for a old stained glass window effect like you might see in a few houses around an old town. Actually, if I walked down to the end of the street right next to me, I will find a few.

I still need to sash the bigger version of the quilt. But after reviewing all of the fabric in my stash, I actually need to purchase some black fabric. My black hand-dyed fabric just isn’t the right fabric for the blocks. So I need to force myself to go the quilt store. Yeah, that is just about as hard as going to the yarn store. 😉


As I was digging through the stash, I found a quilt top that only needed the four corners mitered. Actually, I found 2 that just needed their corners mitered. And both quilts were the same quilt. I sometimes will make two of the same exact quilt for no reason. I mitered the corners on one the quilts. I will finish the other one over the weekend.


I also manged to dig out another quilt that used some of my own hand dyed fabrics. And the theme for the quilt was sunflowers!!!!


I pulled out two other quilt tops when I was digging through the quilt top pile. One is a definite doll quilt. The colors are pale pinks and pale purples. I think the fabrics for the doll quilt were left over from a larger quilt. This one may have to get quilted up and used as a holiday gift.

The other quilt was one that has reproduction fabrics in it. For many quilters, reproduction fabric means fabric from the 1930s. Not me, I love all of history and living where I do I am able to find fabric from several different periods of history. The fabric in the last quilt is Victorian in appearance. I can not find the pattern but I remember buying the fabric as part of a kit. I think I have another kit buried on the shelves. I will dig it and see what the pattern has to say. Yes, this is another example of me planning to make the same quilt twice. This one is going to get bumped up pretty high in the too quilt pile. When I look at the quilt I see the quilting pattern. I need to find some backing fabric first. I am planning on this one having wool batting which I already have on hand.


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I honestly do not think we have seen the sun since Sunday. The sky is till overcast. And there is still drizzle. My hair is being super curly. And the color of the sky is sucking all of the desire to knit out of me. But I have finished another UFO. And my frogs are done. So I while I am photo-less today, I will have some photos for tomorrow. (I have about 50 fire prevention packets to put together for a local grocery store tomorrow.)

p8200123.jpg This is a repeat but it is nice and bright.


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It Began with a Bang

It has been very dry here in the mid-Atlantic. And Sunday I woke up to a very autumn looking sky. I was up really early for me on a weekend. The sky at 7 am was dark and eerie. But it was very pretty. But no rain Sunday.


Monday was gray and overcast. Just like a typical fall day. It was drizzly all day. I actually thought about putting on a pair of hand knit socks. Yes, it was cool. Okay, high 60s but when the temperature has been in the 80s and 90s, mid 60 temperatures can be cool.

I had just about 1/2 inch of rain in my gauge by mid afternoon when I dumped it out.

And at 5:15 exactly, there was a large crack of thunder and the skies opened up. The rain was nice and steady. It was still raining last night at 6:30 when I left the house to head over to town hall. There was an informational meeting over at town hall about a proposed religious retreat on the outskirts of town limits by a religious group. The location is a farm that is still zoned agricultural and there is no provision in the town code for a religious retreat on agricultural land. The reason for the meeting was to provide information. The group seeking to buy the land is an Islamic sect and there is a lot of ignorance regarding the group. So the group had asked the town to arrange the meeting so that information could flow both ways.

Personally, I went for the entertainment value. Town meetings here can be highly entertaining. I had already done my research on the internet regarding the religious group and my questions had been answered by their website. My only concern was the amount of traffic. And the State Highway will have final say-so on the traffic volume. There is really only one main road into town and it barely handles the volume of traffic it has now. (And there are other ways into town but they are back roads. And you really have to know your way around to figure out how a few of them connect.)

But there were probably 200 people in the social hall at town hall last night which was a good thing. And most people were there with open minds. And yes, there were a few closed minds at the meeting as well. I was actually seated near the group from the religious group and the women were fascinated by the fact that I was knitting. I brought a sock with me to keep my hands busy. I managed to turn the heel and start the leg of the sock. Photos tomorrow of the sock. It is a tad overcast for a decent shot today.

But my sunflowers were a bright spot yesterday and today with their bright and sunny faces in this gloom. And there is now 2.5 inches of rain in my rain gauge. This is a 12 hour total since yesterday afternoon.


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Photo Friday

Last night, I went to a picnic for the local Lions Club. I am not a member but my parents are and I help the club with certain fund raisers. The picnic is held at a small church surrounded by farm fields. Grace Rocky Hill is a tiny chapel and has been a fixture in the area for years. The food is prepared by the Helping Hands group. The menu is fried chicken, hot dogs, fresh corn, tomatoes straight from the garden, coleslaw, and many other home made goodies. The ladies from the church also make the desserts.

While the food is good, the views are even better. You are surrounded by cow fields. Sadly though the farm right behind the church looked abandoned this year. I love taking photos up there. Last year, the sunset was fantastic. The sky was red and set against the Catoctin mountains memorable. I will have to find the photos that I took last year and post them up on Flickr.

Here are just a few of the photos that I took last night. The rest are up on Flickr.


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Zucchini Wednesday

Okay, this is so I don’t forget the recipe I made up as I went along Monday night. I picked zucchini on Saturday and well everyone knows what happens when you forget to check the zucchini plants daily. I had 3 that were a bit on the big side. I was able to give two away. I kept the smaller of the three for myself. I am tired of zucchini bread and cake so I needed to find something else to make.

I found a recipe for a zucchini frittata that caught my eye. I searched for a few more frittata recipes since I don’t like ricotta cheese. And I merged like 3 or 4 recipes together into one. The reason behind the merging of the recipes was to use what I had in the kitchen. I had the eggs for once and a tomato was easy to come by. I had a onion. And I had some cheese in the house. All of the recipes I found called for Parmesan but I had some extra sharp cheddar and that is what I used.

A frittata makes quite bit. And so being a good daughter, I gave my mother the leftovers yesterday. (I steal her leftovers sometimes so why shouldn’t I give her mine?) There was enough for four people in my leftovers. (Okay, I am not a big fan of eggs, so I only ate a small slice the other night.) But my mother called me and wanted the recipe. So did her friend who she shared it with. So here is the recipe.


Zucchini Frittata

Feel free to substitute the herbs if you want. One recipe I found called for turkey ham and since I had some, I used it. I will leave it out the next time.

1 large zucchini, grated about 3 to 4 cups)
1 tomato, diced (peeling the skin off is optional)
1 onion, sliced and cut into quarters
1 to 2 cloves of garlic
1/2 cup diced turkey breast or ham from the deli, optional
about 1/4 cup of grated cheese (use what you have, cheddar, Parmesan, Gouda, or Havertti would work)
8 eggs
a few shakes of Italian seasoning or other herb
freshly ground black pepper
2 to 3 tablespoons of olive oil

Grate the zucchini using your food processor. Place the grated zucchini in a colander to drain. Slice your onion and set aside. Dice the tomato and set aside. Grate the cheese. (I always hand grate my own cheese.) Dice the turkey or ham if you are using it.

Preheat the oven to 350 F.

Beat the eggs in a large bowl. Add a few shakes of the Italian seasoning or substitute some fresh chives, fresh thyme or fresh basil. (Use what you have on hand.) Grind about 2 teaspoons of black pepper into the egg mixture. Add salt to taste. (I use coarse sea salt and use 2 pinches.) Add the grated cheese. Set aside.

In an oven-proof 8 to 9 inch skillet, heat a small about of the olive oil. Add about half of the grated zucchini. Cook the zucchini. Take out of the skillet and repeat with the remaining zucchini. Set the cooked zucchini. Cook the onions until they just start to wilt. Add the crushed garlic, tomato, and turkey or ham if you are using it. Cook until the onions are soft and the tomato cooked.

Add the zucchini back into the skillet and stir everything to distribute everything evenly. Add the beaten egg mixture. Cook until the bottom just starts to set. Place the skillet into the oven. Cook for 10 to 15 minutes. You want the eggs to be set and the top slightly brown. Start checking at 10 minutes. (This may take a little longer depending on your oven,)

Take out of the oven and run a spatula around the edge. Have a large plate handy and invert the frittata onto the plate. Don’t worry if it isn’t pretty. It just has to taste good. Slice into wedges and serve. And yes, it is good left over since I gave my mother the leftovers and she ate it the next day. The number of servings will depend on how big you slice the wedges.

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Basket Full of Frogs

What can I say, the Purl Bee’s frog is addictive. I have six frogs in a small darning basket with me at work to sew them shut. I found some small black beads that will be sewn on as eyes on a few of the frogs. But there are still a few frogs on the sewing table to finish. So there will frogs a plenty in my studio for a little while. I am using up scraps to make the frogs and I have plenty


But in the meantime, I have some new yarns to show. I feel in love with the Frankenstein yarn from See Jayne Knits over on Etsy. The purple and green stripes just called to me. And the cute little skull stitch marker didn’t hurt. I can’t wait to cast on this yarn to make socks for me. And I ordered this yarn while Jayne was on holiday so she sent me a few extra stitch markers as well. And I will state that she did not have to do this. But I love stitch markers so I will never turn them down.


I also ordered some more tvyarns from Jana over at White Oak Studio. I had mentioned to her before that she really needed a yarn named after either Emergency, Rescue Me, Third Watch, Backdraft, or Ladder 49. Yes, there is a fire theme going on here. And well, she emailed me to ask me about what colors you see in fire. And I told her the colors that you see in the flames and I sent her several photos. And she created this wonderful yarn called Ladder 49. Yes, after the movie that was filmed in Baltimore and had what’s his name in it. You know John Travolta and Joaquin Phoenix.


And of course, I had have this yarn. And if you are ordering one color, why not order one or two more. So I did. I ordered Northern Exposure for myself and Sleepless in Seattle for P. But know that I have the Sleepless in Seattle in my hands, I am so tempted to keep it. The colors in it remind me of s’mores and toasted marshmallows and melted chocolate. But I will be good and send it to her. I will just have to order some for me.


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