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Not Exactly Knitting

Well I am playing with yarn but I am not necessarily knitting. Nor am I playing with my stash; although that is a lot of fun with the sock stash. Instead, I have been crocheting. Since I learned to read a crochet pattern on Saturday, I have been knitting for 15 minutes and crocheting for 15 minutes. Crochet is fine when my head really hurts from a headache I have discovered.

When I first started seeing all of the beautiful granny squares on different blogs, I mentioned them to P and she took a look at them. And we decided that we would make at least 3 squares out of left over sock yarn. And yes, we both have plenty of left over sock yarn in our stashes. p8010015.jpg

So I decided that I really liked Cara’s Babette blanket and would use that pattern as the basis for my squares. This way I would be able to do something useful with the squares. And I am making a start on the squares. Mine will be a bit more scrappy in appearance since I am using leftover yarns. And I kind of like the way the squares are turning out. I may follow Cara’s idea and order some solids and do the blanket again using solid colors later on.

But for my practice squares, I used some yarn I had bought to make a baby afghan for a friend. But while the yarn I bought was a good baby yarn, it had a lot of pink and purple in it. I know know that this friend is having a boy so I have changed the plans for the baby blanket. I have something else in mind but I want to check one more thing. But the yarn is great for squares. So I am going to crochet up all of the yarn and maybe it will turn into a charity project. p8010011.jpg

So don’t be surprised if crochet turns up again. It isn’t that bad now that I can read the patterns.


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