Not Exactly Knitting

Well I am playing with yarn but I am not necessarily knitting. Nor am I playing with my stash; although that is a lot of fun with the sock stash. Instead, I have been crocheting. Since I learned to read a crochet pattern on Saturday, I have been knitting for 15 minutes and crocheting for 15 minutes. Crochet is fine when my head really hurts from a headache I have discovered.

When I first started seeing all of the beautiful granny squares on different blogs, I mentioned them to P and she took a look at them. And we decided that we would make at least 3 squares out of left over sock yarn. And yes, we both have plenty of left over sock yarn in our stashes. p8010015.jpg

So I decided that I really liked Cara’s Babette blanket and would use that pattern as the basis for my squares. This way I would be able to do something useful with the squares. And I am making a start on the squares. Mine will be a bit more scrappy in appearance since I am using leftover yarns. And I kind of like the way the squares are turning out. I may follow Cara’s idea and order some solids and do the blanket again using solid colors later on.

But for my practice squares, I used some yarn I had bought to make a baby afghan for a friend. But while the yarn I bought was a good baby yarn, it had a lot of pink and purple in it. I know know that this friend is having a boy so I have changed the plans for the baby blanket. I have something else in mind but I want to check one more thing. But the yarn is great for squares. So I am going to crochet up all of the yarn and maybe it will turn into a charity project. p8010011.jpg

So don’t be surprised if crochet turns up again. It isn’t that bad now that I can read the patterns.


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4 responses to “Not Exactly Knitting

  1. I would have to say that you might be a little partial to the smoke filled skies that I posted. You probably like the smell of the smoke and actually know what to do to get rid of it….LOL.

    The skies were amazing and it was kind of cool to be able to look at the sun without it hurting your eyes. If you want to see the other pictures from there, they are over on my photobucket account under user name lyndahitt. There are more than what I showed on the blog.

    I don’t think that there is anything wrong with crocheting. I have made several crocheted things and it does go a lot faster.

  2. That top pic looks like leftovers socks!!!

    Can’t wait to see how this crochet thing works.

  3. That’s a great idea to make it a charity project!

  4. Suz

    I love your idea for the left over sock yarns!

    It makes me wonder if i could pull off a ripple baby blanket with some of the leftovers you’ve gifted me with? Hmmm. I’ll have to check it out!